Thoughtful Thursday – Working Vacations

Working vacations. An oxymoron if ever there was one, but for me, vacations are a blessing in so many ways.

Obviously there’s the spending time with family, relaxation and discovering something new factor.

Then there’s the — they don’t get up for hours and I can outlast them factor — which means I get hours and hours of writing done. This vacation, I finished FURY CALLS, the next book in THE CALLING series and also fleshed out some ideas for future books.

Also had a fun time doing some more on-site research on Assateague Island. If you haven’t gone either there or to Chincoteague to see the ponies you should. Also, rumor has it that Blackbeard landed on one of these islands during a storm and buried some treasure there. That’s part of what I’m playing with for that possible new book.

Anyway, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Mid to low seventies with little humidity. Bright skies. When I wasn’t writing or researching, we were exploring and having lots of fun. We spent hours on the beach and got scoped!

What’s a Scope? Well, it’s these usually very cute, sometimes very hot, guys who walk up and down the beach and offer to take your pictures. They then put the pictures in those little telescopes you can look in or in keychains. Since this was a last senior blast for my daughter and her friends, we got scoped! They’ve got cute keychains and wallet-sized photos to commemorate the trip.

We went to the boardwalk. They went one night by themselves. We had a blast basically.

I’ll leave you with these thoughts and then some photos. First the thoughts for this Thursday:

The Five Things You Do Not Want to hear on your vacation:

1. Mom, that old lady over there is wearing the same bathing suit as you.
2. What does the E18 on the camera mean?
3. We met some boys at the pool.
4. The forecast for today is scattered thunderstorms with rain likely for the next five days.
5. We have to leave tomorrow?

LOL! Seriously, the most upsetting was the E18 error on the Canon digital camera. My hubby checked out a couple of sites only to find out that the E18 appears to be a recurring error for the Canon digital cameras. Canon will repair the error if it occurs under warranty. The camera is only 18 months old!! Of course, beyond the warranty period.

Well, I was getting ready to buy another Canon camera for my daughter as a birthday gift. Now I’ll go look at some other brand instead. Sorry, Canon.

4 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – Working Vacations”

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  2. Thanks for the heads up on the Nikon. I was looking at one of those! So bummed about my camera.

    It is low humidity even at the shore. Gorgeous weather.

    I wish I could have brought back a pony. There are major fines for even approaching them at Assateague since it’s a Federal park, but at Chincoteague the firemen take care of the ponies and once a year they swim the ponies across the water and sell some of them to raise money for the annual upkeep.

  3. Being from the prairie I’ve never understood how it can be low humidity with all that water RIGHT THERE!

    By the way I’ve always had great luck with my Nikon’s and my buddy Meg has a bunch of Sony’s in her house that she’s happy with.

    It looks like a beautiful place, looks like you had a wonderful time! Did you bring back a pony?


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