Fashion Friday – Simpsonize Me!

I got this from a friend on another loop and it is lots of fun. Picture yourself as a Simpson!

So, when you go to the link down at the bottom, you can choose to make yourself into a Simpson, like I did. What fashion choices did I make along the way? Well, Professional for the clothing choice. I spend a lot of time in business clothes, whether as a lawyer or writer.

No glasses for me. I have to wear them, but would prefer not to. Lenses don’t work for me anymore, which is a bummer.

No jewelry or other accessories. I barely wear them. My one thing I wear all the time is my watch. I wear it 24/7 which some people find to be really odd. My mom had clocks all over the house. Someone once told me that’s a mortality thing — like you know death is all around. YUCK!

I do wear an ankle bracelet on vacation. Get a cheap one down at the shore every summer. There’s something about that ankle bracelet that makes me feel decadent. Maybe I should start wearing it more often!

There’s also a choice of what background to use. I chose the movie studios because I love movies. Then there’s that whole Itchy & Scratchy thing which is such a play on Tom & Jerry, one of my favorite cartoons! Speaking of a play on things — check out the name of the movie studio: Krustylu. Hmm, as in Desilu? FYI: Did you know that Desi Arnaz was responsible for a lot of the changes in television filming and syndication that shaped modern television?

Anyway, after making all the choices, here is how Caridad Simpson would look!


Want to try it out yourself, here’s a link to Caridad Simpson online and where you can Simpsonize yourself!

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