Tuesday Tip – Trading Blogs

Blogging is a brave new world and today we are trying something different — a blog swap! Trading blogs or blog tours are one of the great ways that authors can get the word out about their work, so if you haven’t tried it, that’s my Tuesday Tip for you about promoting on the web.

So here’s a little something from friend and fellow author, Sasha Tomaszycki who together with Patrizia M.J. Hayashi writes as Gabriella Hewitt.

Blog Swap with Gabriella Hewitt

Just want to thank Caridad for Blog Swapping with me today. If you want to know where she is, Caridad is over at my blog chatting away.

I love pizza, coffee, chocolate, burgers and Cuban sandwiches.

Yes, I am an all- American girl who loves all things Latino. You name it and I’ve probably sampled it and got hooked.

Reggatone. Absolutemente!

Mojito . Fantastico!

Salsa – the dance and the sauce.

Latin Men. Do I need to elaborate further!

Telenovelas. Ahhhh! Now this is entertainment. Still watch the original Betty La Fea.

But most of all, I love all the Latina Lit that has sprung up. Yup. It all started with Caridad Pineiro. About five years ago I met this woman sitting at a table at the RWA NJ Conference. I picked up a book and read the back. I was totally blown away.

Latino Characters!!!!

Finally a book in which Hispanic characters weren’t cardboard cutouts of Speedy Gonzalez or some trumped up villain from Miami Vice.

Loving and warm and very much American characters that I could relate to and understand. Most of all, I loved them. Yes, you heard me. Loved them. Why?
Because they were very much like me. I especially loved the term used Cuban-American Princess (CAP). That’s me!

Okay, well maybe not. Still I couldn’t get enough but sadly the line folded and I couldn’t find any other books like them. Then one day, several years later I am reading eharlequin.com and this name pops out at me. It wasn’t quite right but I checked out the author blurb and saw the face. I have a crap memory but I figured this had to be the same author who wrote for Encanto.

So I email her. Guess what?

She replies back. Saying that she is the same author and she has a new book coming out with Silhouette Intimate Moments! And best of all it is a paranormal with Latino characters.

Well, you know I died and went to heaven. Seriously, I saw the light.

I got it right away and have been hooked ever since on The Calling Series. Exception that I still have to read the latest one. Life is too darn busy. But I shall soon remedy that situation very soon. August is my marathon reading month.

Yes, every week I will attempt to read a book by Wednesday and then post a review about it on my blog www.gabriellahewitt.com/blog

You better believe I have Caridad’s book in the TBR pile.

Drop by and see what I am reading (or a guest) at www.gabriellahewitt.com

Now go over and see what Caridad is blogging about at my site. Blog Swap!

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – Trading Blogs”

  1. Hi Maria –

    Reggaetone is Spanish rap/ hip-hop, some call it Domincan Street Rap. I love the beat, even if I can’t understand all the words. Heck, even in English I barely get the words. Some good examples of Reggaetone are Daddy Yankee and Luny Tunes http://www.lunytunes.net/

    Cari’s work speaks to me too. Sometimes I imagine some of her heroes are speaking to me privately ((SIGH))

    She has the hunkiest heroes. Although, I have to admit I have a huge soft spot for Diana’s brother, Sebastian. I dig the funky tech-junkie guy. Bonus is the fact that he could fix my computer too if it crashed;)

  2. Hi Rita- I like your name. My grandmother’s name is Rita! 🙂 Isn’t CAP fun? I stole that gem from Cari’s book.

    I write romantic suspense and paranormals.

    My first book coming out in September, Dark Waters, is a romantic suspense. It is part of a series called The ICE Files. Centers around agents who work for ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) and feature Latino heroes & heroines.

    The book will be available in e-format from Samhain Publishing Sept. 25th http://www.samhainpublishing.com

    So, you should be able to dowload it, as long as you have compatable software.
    (Adobe Reader 8 or other readers)

    Hope that helps:)

  3. Hi – welcome to Caridad’s blog and I’ll certainly go check your blog out.

    I too am curious what is reggatone?

    Caridad’s books definitely give you the realness of a Latina girl living in America – I know, because I am one. I think that’s what first interested me in her work – it spoke to me. Then I was hooked.

  4. What a brilliant idea!! Welcome always glad to meet another author ;o)

    I’m one of Caridad fan’s situated in South Africa – met her at RT this year, was totally awesome and had such a blast!!

    Wow we have similiar tastes but unfortunately Cuban sandwiches and Mojito aren’t available here. The latter is better known as Caiprinha over here ;o)
    Yep I’m also a Latina girl but I love the acronym CAP that’s totally cool! Love to dance and the tall dark & handsome men *so sexy & divine* LOL yeah I really find them irrestible ;o) I’m not much of a telenovelas fan I would rather read my books *grin* and yes I agree Caridad writes beautifully Latino characters!!

    Just have a question. What is Reggatone?
    What type of genre do you write? Are you books available internationally?

    Thanks *mwah*

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