Fashion Friday – Gellies!

We are in the midst of college shopping and my daughter has been wonderful! Using a great checklist from Target (gotta love ’em) she’s acquired many of the things that she needs to set up her college dorm room.

Of course, there are the other things as well — like a new pair of Vertigo jeans from PacSun (on sale as well since she’s a great bargain hunter) and some Gellies from FiveBelow!

Now here’s the thing about these Gellies. Not only are they only $5 each, but our FiveBelow had them at Buy One get the second for 5 cents. Yes, that’s 5 cents.

Who can beat that for a quick fashion statement?

Also, if you didn’t get that great Target catalogue and check list, it’s online (click here to view it) We’re double-checking this list and doing all the last minute things to get my daughter ready for freshman year in college!

sad.gifWish me luck as I finish the list, help her pack and then drop off my best friend.

5 thoughts on “Fashion Friday – Gellies!”

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  2. thats so cool, jellies i remember those,,its amazing how things that were in style in the 80’s are back in style now,

  3. Caridad,

    My Ken and I “got lucky” in that our
    children decided to live at home as they
    attended our hometown’s University of
    Houston. It does make a great amount
    of difference, having them near as they
    move towards their futures.

    Pat Cochran

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