Thoughtful Thursday – Remember Me

A few weeks ago I made my shoebox for Operation Shoebox and dropped it off. I hope whichever GI got it is enjoying the goodies I put inside.

This video hit the news a few weeks ago as well, which really lit a fire under my butt to go through with my plans to help our GIs and not forget them. Forget their sacrifices.

So this video is about our GIs. The sacrifices they make. Please think about them and do something, even if it’s just filling up a shoebox care package. If you want to consider what else you can do, please visit the America Supports You site, where you can find other ways to help out.

This is a long video, but don’t cut away until it’s done. And make sure you’ve got your hankies ready.

3 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – Remember Me”

  1. I just had to share this. I had put together a couple of big ziploc bags of stuff to send to operation shoebox and they’re sitting on the floor in the living room waiting for me to get to the postoffice to get the boxes. Once I have the boxes I’ll know whether I have two or three packages to send out. Anyway, we have a new cat who is absolutely nuts about these small rabbit fur covered Hartz mice. Yesterday I noticed that she had put one of them in the bag. I took it out and threw it down the hall. The cat tore off after it brought it back and put it back in the bag. I guess she want’s to send her mouse to the troops.


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