Wicked Wednesday – A Christmas Treat?

HOLIDAY WITH A VAMPIRE, including FATE CALLSChristmas seems light years away and yet almost here as well. This Christmas, vampires will have some unique experiences with the holiday season in HOLIDAY WITH A VAMPIRE. FATE CALLS, a novella in THE CALLING series, will be in this anthology with my friend and fellow author Maureen Child (CHRISTMAS CRAVINGS).

I had a great time exploring the pagan holidays that have contributed to our modern Christmas traditions. I also had a wonderful time writing a holiday story that had some bite (LOL!) but also incorporated the wonder of the season.

What follows is an early scene from FATE CALLS where our hero, Hadrian, is satisfying himself in more ways than one. Which makes me want to ask — Do you dislike it when the hero has any kind of relationship with someone other than the heroine? I did it with Diego in BLOOD CALLS and had mixed reactions, so I’m eager to hear how you all feel about this.

But, now, without further delay — a Wicked Wednesday tease from HOLIDAY WITH A VAMPIRE.

***WARNING: For Mature Audiences Only***

Her warmth surrounded him, slick and welcoming as Hadrian pumped into her, rousing her passion.

She moaned and clutched at his shoulders. Dug her nails deep and raised her hips to bury him within her. Her soft cries spurred him on, but he knew that when her release came, there would be only one thing he would want.

Only one thing that would bring him some small measure of satisfaction.

He watched her intently. A fine flush had spread across her ample breasts which bobbed gently from the force of his thrusts. Her light caramel-colored nipples were beaded into tight points from the earlier caress of his mouth. He could still see the slight dampness of his kiss there.

Bending his head, he sucked her nipple into his mouth once again and she mewled her pleasure at the strong tug. Fisted her hands into his hair to urge him on.

He felt it then, building inside of him. The lust of the demon wanting fulfillment. Human lust had long eluded him since the man within had been dead for far too long.

Around his erection, the throb and tightening of her body told him she was almost there. Almost ready for him to take his final pleasure.

He intensified the motion of his hips, dragging a gasp from her that was part pleasure, part pain. He didn’t like the pain, but life had taught him that the two were irrevocably intertwined.

He jabbed into her again and it began. He heard it in the way her heart skipped a beat and then the blood rushed through her body, bringing her release.

With one last rough tug at her nipple, she screamed her pleasure, her head thrown back against the pillows. Her heels digging into the mattress to increase his penetration.

It was time.

As he continued to pump his hips into her, drawing out her climax, he nuzzled the skin at the neck she had bared to him. He could smell the muskiness of her arousal. Beneath his lips came the wild rush of blood, singing through her veins.

Dragging his fangs from his mouth.

He brushed those fangs along the fragile skin of her neck and she stiffened, aware that something wasn’t quite right.

It would be the last thing she would remember in the morning, he thought, sinking his fangs deep into her neck and feeding from the passion-laced blood surging through her body.

She called out in pain, but as the vampire’s kiss swept over her, the cry became a long moan of pleasure. The human responded to the demon’s call and she held his head to her and begged for more. Wrapped her legs around his pumping hips and urged him on.

It was only then, with her blood beginning a wild ride through his system, energizing it with life, that the demon that he now was experienced pleasure.

Time and time again Hadrian plunged into her as he fed until he knew he had to stop. If he fed even one more drop, she would not survive.

Ripping himself away from her neck, he thrust into her one last time and released his seed into her.

Dead seed unless he turned her. Only then, with the sire’s kiss running through her veins could that seed somehow bestow life within.

Only then and only if she was at the peak of her fertility.

Tonight, she was just another empty vessel, pleasuring the demon with her blood while the man trapped within the vampire remained dead.

This was the way of his life now. Cold. Empty. Barren.

As he ripped away from the body of the woman, now growing limp beneath him from the loss of blood, anger surged through him.

For some inexplicable reason, the anger brought the remembrance of the Santa, cheerily ringing in the holiday. He imagined how he might silence that Santa and smiled.

Bah, humbug, he thought, deciding to soon put an end to all the Christmas cheer running rampant in his life.

***P.S. – Did you catch the little new twist in THE CALLING mythology? No, check it out again — toward the end.***

4 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday – A Christmas Treat?”

  1. Cool! I’m so glad that doesn’t bother you. I think you’ll all like the Christmas story with Hadrian and Connie. It’s very different, but I felt it had something special from the moment I started writing it.

  2. Oh yes, and I forgot to answer your question about the hero having other relationships– no, I don’t mind. After all he is a Vampire… and it kind of makes the enthralling part more exciting I think.

  3. I love this! Just got here but I am so glad I came by. This is so chilling and sexy too. Yeah, I caught the twist… What a Christmas, and with a Vamp no less. Kaye

  4. Crime-a-nitly. That’s all we need. We knew vampire sex wasn’t safe but now we gotta think about this? That’s it I’m locking myself in the house! 😉


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