Crazy Cinnamon

abuela.jpgWhenever I had a cold, my grandma, abuelita Nieves (that’s me with my grandma and who I am also named after in part as my whole first name is Caridad de las Nieves) used to make me a special drink that always managed to make me feel better. She would scald some milk with stick cinnamon and afterward, add honey. Once I drank it down, I’d feel it chasing that cold away and fall fast asleep. To this day, that is my most effective cold remedy.

Grandma Nieves also put cinnamon in an assortment of yummy puddings — chocolate, rice and bread — one more delicious than the next.

What did Abuelita Nieves know that I didn’t? Well, today’s Tuesday Tip is all about the wonders of cinnamon because I’ve found that a little cinnamon in my coffee, warm milk or even my tea does a world of good for me and has helped me curb the occasional hunger pang (the total of pounds lost is now 29 for those of you in the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Pants!)

Did you know that:

  • Smelling cinnamon boosts mental function and memory (which explains the success of Cinnabon in all those malls!).
  • Cinnamon is a great source of manganese, fiber, iron, and calcium.
  • 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon per day can lower LDL cholesterol. (Check out this video at the USDA!)
  • Some studies indicate that cinnmon may help regulate blood sugar, making it beneficial for people with Type 2 diabetes.
  • Studies also show that cinnamon can stop medication-resistant yeast infections.
  • Cinnamon may reduce the proliferation of certain cancer cells.
  • Cinnamon can have an anti-clotting effect on>
  • In a Danish study, a daily half teaspoon of cinnamon and half teaspoon of honey can help with arthritis pain.
  • Cinnamon can act as a natural food preservative, inhibiting spoilage and bacterial growth.
  • Now, cinnamon sticks are the best when you can steep them in your coffee, pudding, milk, etc. Pre-ground cinnamon is great for a quick fix. I bought one of those cinnamon grinders at the store when it was on sale — should have read the fine print which says “grind it directly . . . to experience the intense, but delicate aroma.”

    That is all you get with those grinders — aroma (unless you grind and steep with the liquid.) It also manages to seem like little bits of wood floating around your treat, so you’re better off with the powdered stuff. Use the grinders to maybe make yourself a little simmering potpourri of cinnamon (although the sticks are probably cheaper).

    Hope this little Tuesday Tip brings some spice into your life!

    4 thoughts on “Crazy Cinnamon”

    1. Hola Caridad :mrgreen: ,

      Although I am from the States, I grew up in Mexico City, & we used cinnamon by boiling some sticks & then adding cane sugar for tea. It’s not only a tastey treat but it also takes away those painful menstrual cramps because it instantly warms your body up. I had always suffered from those cramps terribly until I found out about this useful remedy. I hope this helps some of you ladies out there! 😉
      Keep up the good work Caridad. I’m always proud of our talented Latino women! 😎

      Ciao For Now,
      ~¿~ Quetzi

    2. I definitely could use one of those big syrupy cinnamonny sticky buns. And they have the honey on them as well (or least some of them do).

      We can chase away any arthritis pain with a sticky bun. Imagine what a great cure that would be.

    3. This is very cool and good to know.
      Good thing I like the taste of cinnamon.
      Now, I think I’ll go out and get a couple nice big sticky buns someplace…wait, that doesn’t sound quite right.

    4. Caridad,
      The cinnamon cold remedy sounds very familiar. And it is so true that cinnamon is good for so many things. I love the stuff myself! I see that you are going to be blog hopping. I’ll try to catch you on one of those days.

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