Fashion Friday – Fall Fashion Week 2007

Fall Fashion Tents at Bryant ParkIt’s that week again. Fall Fashion Week when the glitterati and fashionistas take over Bryant Park for the debut of their seasonal fashion lines.

This is a shot of what the park looks like with the tents where people will gather to look at all the latest offerings from the world’s top designers.

Me — I see the pictures of what’s being offered and wonder about some of it, “Who is ever going to where any of this stuff?” Granted, there are those designers who seem to get it and provide at least some things that can be adapted for wear by the average person.

I know many of you are wondering, “But isn’t your daughter a fashion major?”

The answer is yes, but my daughter’s fashion sense is clear. She believes in stylish, but wearable clothing. She also wants to be able to create affordable clothing and did a marvelous school project on how to accomplish that.

So Fashion Week always makes me a little cynical around this time of year as I see some of the more outrageous fashions being paraded beneath the tents set up on the lawn of my precious Bryant Park (do you gather that I also hate not being able to enjoy the park during these glorious fall days?)

How do you feel about “fashion”? Do you like the creations that you see coming from the designers? You can check out the offerings by clicking here. Let me know what you think.

11 thoughts on “Fashion Friday – Fall Fashion Week 2007”

  1. I think that those high end clothes definitely serve a purpose in that they are Art, to be seen and enjoyed. To inspire us. To wear? Maybe not so much, but they do give ideas to others.

  2. I agree that clothes should be made practical, but I am a firm believer in the so-called high fashion to evolve into a fashion theatre of some sort with dancing, acrobacy and acting where the clothes would be a work of art, but not for every day life. Maybe I just phantasize way too much. 🙂

  3. I’m going to have to check out that lamb line. Some of the other stuff is definitely not anything I would consider nor would most people I think.

  4. I live in jeans and tank tops or t-shirts most of the time, but I like looking at the designer stuff. I think Gwen’s lamb line had some of the best clothes so far. Not sure some of the other designers stuff is actually wearable lol

  5. hi Caridad, it’s Pattie from PLRW. Love your blog.

    Lucky you that you work near Bryant Park, except for when Fashion Week invades, of course. I love fashion–I have the hefty September issue of Vogue in my tote bag– but it’s certainly not practical for me.

    Where does your daughter go to school? In high school I made all my own clothes, mostly dresses–I go for the easy stuff, anything without a zipper!

    Last Q–do you watch Project Runway? LOVE it!

  6. Yea for fashion! I’m like you, not much of a fashion queen. I like my jeans. But the new stuff is fun to watch. My cousin is a fashion designer in LA. She thinks she’s a diva, even though she’s just starting out. Kaye

  7. LOL! I’m t-shirts and jeans, but my mom wasn’t. She was always dressed just so. Made most of her own clothes. That’s definitely where my daughter gets it.

  8. I was glad to see that the Clampetts were in attendance (Jed & Granny – see Runways for Real People story). I guess I’ve become too much a cynic and far too much a midwesterner and probably a slob. What I see when I look at those dresses (cute, I’ll have to admit) is uncomfortable shoes, clothes that bind and price tags that hurt my wallet.

    That Gwen Stefani, she can wear anything though…

    My niece is also tied up with a fashion bow. She’s just started at MU and wants to become a buyer I think. She’s been working retail the last year or so and has become quite a whiz at doing windows. I don’t know where she get’s it. She’s all Chanel and Hermes and I buy my clothes from the tie dye booth at bluegrass festivals.

    That’s what makes life interesting though, variety! gj

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