Guilty Pleasures Monday – Hugh Laurie

photo courtesy of April 2007 Vogue MagazineHot men come in all ages so today’s Guilty Pleasure is an older man — Hugh Laurie. Most of us know him as House, but for many people, they’ve been watching him in assorted films and shows on the BBC.

There’s something about those blue eyes, rugged look and scruffy beard that is just too attractive. Even my daughter thinks so, confirming the attraction is not limited to us over thirty-year olds.

What do you think? Can you picture Hugh starring in a future novel?

5 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Hugh Laurie”

  1. Yeah, I can see him in a movie or a novel. His real voice is so different from his House voice he is like two different people.

    I never thought David Boreanez would be able to get over being Angel. But, he did with Bones.

    If you are good at your craft you do not have to be type cast.

  2. I’m conflicted on this one. On the one hand I can see him as a hero. On the other hand that House attitude has really tainted him in my eyes and I don’t even really watch the show. Maybe if I knew he had that “V” thing we’ve talked about going on…

    He needs a leading man movie of the week with the full blown british accent intact really bad!

    Do they still do movie of the week or is my advanced age peeking out from beneath my hat….?


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