Fashion Friday – Finally gone . . .

Finishing up Fashion WeekWell, maybe not totally gone. The tents are down, most of the generators are gone and they’ve begun to disassemble the rest. This is what Bryant Park looked like this morning.

Now, I know the NYT says that most New Yorkers don’t mind losing the park for a week or two, but I for one don’t listen to a thing the NYT says anyway.

You must be wondering by now, well if she’s such a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, how does she manage to dress up the Chicas in all those to-die-for dresses, shoes and bags? Research, research, research.

Ed Hardy Tee Shirt setPlus, I must confess to liking to dress up on occasion. Not to mention my ever capable personal assistant (aka my daughter) who was luckily born with her grandma’s sense of fashion and not mine. She’s always keeping me up on the latest trends. She reports her latest love is Ed Hardy and his skull designs (skulls being very hot this year if you haven’t noticed.) Here’s a sampling of one of his Skull T-shirts that my slave to fashion is dying to get. This little outfit will only set you back a cool $106 at the Ed Hardy Shop. Right. Target, here I come!

So what’s my little assistant/daughter/person I miss a lot up to? Check her out with Dave, the winner of the first Project Runway competition!

Sam and Dave

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2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday – Finally gone . . .”

  1. Didja ever think that to older people, these skull things are really death-heads?
    Like, to me?

    {October is breast cancer awareness month. It should be “women’s cancer awareness month”. Stay healthy, ladies, and get those mammograms when you’re supposed to!}

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