Guilty Pleasures Monday – Truly Guilty Monday

What is he?This is a Guilty Pleasures Monday that will truly leave you feeling guilty. Why? Check out this guy. Kind of handsome. Smoldering gaze. Sexy.

You’re probably wondering why I’m saying you’re going to feel guilty, right. To find out why, click on the READ MORE OF THIS ENTRY link.

PriestHe’s a priest!!! I’m not kidding. So why do I have his picture? He’s in a calendar of priests! Hot priests.

I first saw the calendar when I was in Rome and couldn’t believe it was for real. But it is for real. You can visit the website for the priest calendar by clicking here.

My friend Gretchen also found this blog that is discussing the Priest Calendar and also has some more shots of the priests that appear in the calendar. You can click here for the AT THE ROME blog!

The AT THE ROME blog also provides a link to an Italian Message Board discussing the priest calendar. You can click here, but you’ll need to know some Italian.

From what I can read, the general discussion is about whether the priests are really priests. Some insist that they are, while others say it’s a fake and a totally commercial venture.

Well, regardless, the calendar does turn heads on the streets of Rome and well, elsewhere.

Hope I don’t have you feeling too guilty this Guilty Pleasures Monday.

Just in case you’re not feeling guilty yet, here’s some more priest eye candy . . . 🙂

Priest calendar from AT THE ROME Blog

5 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Truly Guilty Monday”

  1. Fr. Marzo can hear my confession any time.

    There is something inherently wrong with a good-looking priest. How unfair! No woman can compete with God.

    At least he isn’t shown wearing a silly hat.
    That makes it an even bigger shame that he’s out of reach. (I am going to hell for this, I just know it.)

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