Thoughtful Thursday – The Creative Process Caught by the Cameras

This wonderful little video clip was sent to me by one of my editors, who found it to be hilarious and I couldn’t agree more! I was rolling on the floor laughing my ass off (ROFLMAO for those who do not have teenage kids and wondered what that Acronym meant).

I was going to save the clip for a fun Friday change of pace, but decided that with it being Thursday, we might all just need that little lift to let us make it through one more day until the weekend arrived.

But before I let you see this hilarious little ditty about editors, authors and the creative process, let me tell you — sometimes you feel as if it’s actually like this when you sit down to write a new proposal. You’ve been to the conference where everyone is talking about the latest greatest trend and how another genre is sinking faster than the Titanic and you’re worried about whether you’re part of the new trend or should be looking for a life preserver!

You pitched to an editor or an agent and heard the line about wanting “something fresh and new” or a story they can “fall in love with.” You’ve heard those words over and over and wonder whether you’re like the day old bread that if it’s lucky will become croutons or if you unfortunately remind the editor/agent of their ex-boyfriend/girlfriend and are therefore doomed to forever be unloved.

I kid you not, all of these things go through your head all the time and you’ve got to drive those little doubt demons from your head and just write the story that’s in your heart. I learned that with DARKNESS CALLS – I wrote it because it demanded to be written and I consider it one of my very best novels.

And so, arming myself with that reminder, I’ll sit down to write a new proposal or two shortly, listening to the stories in my head that have been asking to be written rather than all that stuff about market trends and freshness and being loveable. I’ll also not get into a discussion such as this one with my editor, LOL! Or maybe I will next time I see her so we can laugh about this discussion in the video!