Guilty Pleasures Monday – Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck Ben Affleck gets a bum rap. I’m convinced it all has to do with Gigli and that Bennifer incident a few years back. I first noticed him in SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE (one of my all time favorite movies with another cutie — Joseph Fiennes). Then came DAREDEVIL (which I kind of liked, but then again, I love comic book heroes) and I thought again, I like his looks and he’s got that little boy grin and twinkle in his eye. I was hooked.

I recently watched HOLLYWOODLAND in which Ben plays George Reeves and I enjoyed it. Gave you a lot of interesting takes on how the Man of Steel died. Also shows you the torment of this actor who ended up in a show that literally made him persona non grata in Hollywood. Did you know George Reeves was in GONE WITH THE WIND and FROM HERE TO ETERNITY. He’s one of Scarlett’s beaus in the first and quite noticeable. In the second, his scenes were apparently cut to some extent when audience reaction thanks to his Superman role worried the producers (or at least that’s how the movie portrays it). Ben was actually nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance and won a number of other awards.
If you like movies about the grand ol’ days of HOLLYWOOD (and think Ben is cute) you might want to catch this, although he looks plumper in this movie which does make him look more like George Reeves facially. If you’re in the U.S. and want to catch it on television, here’s some of the upcoming broadcasts:

  • Thur. Sept. 27 4:30 AM HBO
  • Tue. Oct. 2 12:00 AM HBO
  • If you like movies about the grand ol’ days of HOLLYWOOD, do not watch THE BLACK DAHLIA. Hubby and I suffered through this mixed up story supposedly revolving around the real-life events and gruesome murder of a Hollywood starlet (still unsolved by the way). Not even Josh Hartnett could make this movie enjoyable for me.