Raspberry Expresso Cake by Lois Winston

Time for a tasty treat this Tuesday. This wonderful recipe comes courtesy of my friend and fellow author, Lois Winston, whose latest release is LOVE, LIES AND A DOUBLE SHOT OF DECEPTION. Besides being an award-winning writer – did I mention her latest book is nominated for a Golden Leaf award?– Lois is an amazing artist who went to art school and has had a fairly successful career as a writer and designer in the consumer crafts industry, designing craft and needlework projects for kit manufacturers as well as magazine and book publishers.

She’s always got the best promo items, usually handcrafted by Lois herself which makes them particularly special. In addition, Lois also offers up craft ideas and wonderful foods in her various novels. Lois has kindly offered to share this recipe for a cake that appeared in her first book, TALK GERTIE TO ME. The cake includes one of my favorites — espresso! You can never go wrong with some cafe con leche.


4 thoughts on “Raspberry Expresso Cake by Lois Winston”

  1. Good morning, Caridad! What a nice surprise! Thanks so much for mentioning me and my books in your blog this morning. Hope everyone enjoys the cake. It’s a very easy recipe, much more Rachael Ray than Julia Child. If I, the original Kitchen Klutz, can make it, anyone can !

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