Thoughtful Thursday – Baseball Hall of Shame

samshots.jpg“Don’t tell me they lost again!?@” I could hear it in my hubby’s voice. In my daughter’s and imagine the look on her face (sample shown here). THE METS LOST AGAIN!

For the last few days, we’ve all been in misery, watching the Not-so-Amazings getting ready to enter the Baseball Hall of Shame.

Why? Well for the last two weeks I’ve been hearing the sportscasters say that no other team that was ahead by seven games has ever not won their division. That because of that, they’ll stick to the percentages and believe the Mets will somehow manage to win their division. I say there’s always room for a first time.

Besides, have they been watching the same games that I have? I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Errors left and right. Lack of hits at key opportunities. A bull pen that can’t manage to put away anyone on the other team, including the pitcher.
A happier me and my daughter at an earlier game this year
I know you’re wondering why I’m so upset about this. Why? I love baseball and I love the Mets. It may sound like I’m a fair weather fan, but if I was, I would have converted long ago to being a Yankees fan. But it’s easy to root for a team that’s won 26 World Series.

It’s hard to root for the Mets. It takes heart to root for the Mets. Even at work, I can’t escape them! One of the men in the office asked me if I knew what M-E-T-S stands for? Want to guess?



So, I’m writing this after watching the Mets lose yet another game to the Nationals. That makes their lead over the Phillies just one game. One dangerous game because if the Phillies overtake them, I don’t think the Mets record is good enough to give them the Wild Card position and a chance for post-season play.

As I said — the Baseball Hall of Shame. Blowing an immense lead in the standings. Being the first to lose the division title when they were so far ahead.

I guess there’s always next year.

I also want to thank everyone who offered their commiseration about the Mets and are suffering with their own sports teams. Somehow sharing our grief makes it that much easier to bear.

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