Fashion Friday — Back to Normal?

Bryant Park in the Morning LightCan it be back to normal when the Mets lost and the man who helped put them in a dead heat with the Phillies was named . . . Pineiro. Yep, the pitcher was Joel Pineiro. Don’t know if he’s any relation, but it’s not a common name so maybe.

But enough about the Mets. My beautiful Bryant Park is back to its normal Victorian splendor. I’ve been walking there in the morning on the way to work which leads to this Friday’s Fashion discussion — SNEAKERS!

Yep, I wear them every morning. Actually I wear them every chance I get. My daughter lives in shame of this fact, but her Converse high-topsmamacita owns more pairs of sneakers than dress shoes. Another fact about me and my sneakers — I love those wild ones like this pair from Converse (who FYI — also lets you design your own sneakers online!!)

Where did this love of sneakers develop? I really don’t know. But I do remember my first real pair of sneakers — red Converses. I was in elementary school and it only got worse from there. I begged for a pair of Adidas in high school since I was a jock. I still have that pair of sneakers in my closet. They were leather and to this day have held up well, although they are more of a memento than anything else.

Retail TherapyI do, however, buy most of my sneakers at the warehouse clubs now-a-days, more for utility than fashion. Boo hoo. I’m getting the urge to run out and buy a more daring pair. Definitely time for some retail therapy! If I do indulge, I’ll be sure to post a picture of what I buy. Maybe this can even be my signature kind of thing — outrageous sneakers! What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Fashion Friday — Back to Normal?”

  1. My nephew Scott has a pair of slip on sneakers that are black, with a skull and cross bones, except the crossed bones are crutches. (The jackass logo I think). Anyway they are very cool. The only cooler pair of casual shoes I’ve seen are a pair of Doc Martins that my friend Cheryl’s daughter owns. They have flames on them. They’re not just printed on though. The flames are appliqued in leather and hand painted. They are VERY cool not to mention impressive – Poor Kara has size eleven feet!

    I know a couple of other people who have a passion for Chucks. One of them has a pair with pirates (she’s married to a pirate -ren fair, singing group type – “the jolly rogers”). I’ll have to pass on the link for the design your own site!

    Have a good weekend,


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