Guilty Pleasures Monday – The Men of Maui and more . . .

First of all, thanks for all the wonderful holiday comments while I was gone. The winner of that special blog contest is Norma Storms! Norma, please e-mail your address to so I can send the prize!

And now for our Guilty Pleasures Monday.

Ob boy, there were so many Guilty Pleasures in Maui the last week! Maui is a paradise. Amazing weather and stunning vistas. Warm clear waters teeming with life to be explored. Mai Tais and Hula Girls by the pool. Fabulous food and fun times at a luau and along the road to Hana. I thought I’d share some of those Guilty Pleasures with you today. To start off, here are some of the men of Maui who starred at the luau show.

Blowing of the seashell at sunset

Traveler from Maui

Another visitor from Maui

Here’s a photo album for you to enjoy! For those wondering, yes that is my hubby in the dark in that lava tube shot. My favroite photo of all of them is the one of the monkeypod tree along the coast. Reminds me of that famous shot of the gnarled cypress on the coast by Carmel. Hope you like these.

Check back on Thursday for some more thoughts and videos of my great Maui trip!

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