Fashion Friday – Kick up those conference shoes!

Yep, we had our NJRW Conference about two weeks ago. What a blast! Over 450 attendees, 38 editors and agents and some awesome speakers. Sherilynn Kenyon, Julia Quinn, Karen Robards, Eloisa James, Eileen Dryer and dozens of other wonderful workshop presenters.

Not to mention the inspiring Friday night awards presentation for our published and pre-published authors. Besides a wonderful award show, there was a dessert reception brimming with sweets and chocolates and a fun kick up those conference shoes party in my room.

Speaking of kicking up shoes, my friend and fellow author Anna Sugden is the goddess of shoes and a great writer. Every year during our get together, Anna shows off her latest and greatest to my daughter, a fellow shoe-a-holic. Here’s some of the amazing footwear she had for us at this year’s conference.

shoe2.jpg shoe1.jpg

Now, you should all know by now that I prefer living in sneakers, but I must say, I covet these shoes. I managed to catch the little polka dot ones up close and personal and they were awesome.

Thanks, Anna, for your wonderful fashion sense! I can definitely see one of the South Beach Chicas wearing these totally radical shoes.

One last thing – if you want to check out more about the conference, Romance Novel TV was on location, filming the various events and taking some photos of the attendees. Here’s some links for you to visit and if you’re a romance novel lover, please make sure to make Romance Novel Television your daily destination for all the latest news about romance novels.

For photos from the conference, please click here.

NJRW Part 1: So many books video

5 thoughts on “Fashion Friday – Kick up those conference shoes!”

  1. hi char,

    i for one lve bad boys. they are a mysterious blend that mom always told me to stay away from and i shouldn’t have listened!

  2. One of the things I miss so much about being down here is that I can’t go to the conference anymore. I truly miss it!

  3. Wow! My shoes are famous! First, Terri Garey showing off my black Chanel triple straps and now Caridad showing off these (those fab boots are Giuseppe Zanotti, BTW) … how exciting *grin*. And very cool that they’re suitable for the South Beach Chicas!

    Oh, and *shh* I tend to spend most days barefoot.

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