Tuesday Tip – Surveys and a call for help!

idea.gifFor a number of years, I’ve done workshops on the state of Latino fiction and as I am going to be doing a number of talks on this topic in the coming year, I wanted to update some aspects of the discussion. It occurred to me that it might be good to broaden the fact-finding to include various kinds of multicultural fiction and not just Latino fiction.

Armed with that intent, I’ve developed a survey (click here to access the survey) as a way of allowing you to offer your opinions on the state of multicultural fiction today. As the survey is intended to reflect current publishing trends, I am asking only published authors or those with books that are to be released shortly, to offer their comments on the survey.

As this is my first attempt at a survey of this nature, I also beg your indulgence if it’s lacking in any way.

Here’s a link to the page with the survey: http://www.caridad.com/state-of-multicultural-fiction/

Feel free to share this link with any other authors that you think might be interested in offering their opinion on this topic.

Thanks so much!