Wicked Wednesday – A Very Special Treat! What I like to read!

CREATION IN DEATH, Nora's latest J.D. RobbThis Wicked Wednesday is all about Nora Roberts who will be chatting TODAY ONLY at Romance Novel Television. So, if you’ve ever wondered what makes this amazing woman and novelist tick, here’s your chance. Click here to visit the Romance Novel TV Forum and chat with Nora!

I can only add that I LOVE J.D. ROBB! The books in this series are ones that are a keep on my nightstand and read every night bunch of books. I love Eve and Roarke and the cast of characters that has developed over the years in the series.

Here’s what Publishers Weekly has to say about the latest release which came out in November 2007:

“At 27 books and counting, Nora Roberts is more prolific under her Robb pseudonym than most authors manage in a single career. Yet the latest in her not-so-near-future detective series featuring New York Police Det. Eve Dallas offers a satisfyingly novel mélange of suspense, sex, forensics and heroics. It’s 2060, and the serial killer nicknamed The Groom is back in town after an absence of nine years, resuming his horrific run of kidnapping, torturing and killing young women. Dallas, who served as a detective in the frustrating first investigation, assumes lead role in this one. This time, not only do the killer’s chosen victims have ties to Dallas’s husband, Roarke, but Dallas herself may be the killer’s ultimate target. Swiftly paced, the story cuts frequently from the investigation to the killer’s progress with his victims. Dallas works to outplan, outfight and outsmart the killer; to keep her handsome, rich husband happy; and to be ready for the next round after a good night’s sleep. Robb’s latest is bound to please Dallas fans. (Nov.) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.”

27 BOOKS!!! In one series!! That is, as my friend Irene would say, Bloody Amazing.

So, don’t forget — TODAY ONLY — you can visit Nora at Romance Novel Television.

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