Guilty Pleasures Monday – A Man’s Sexiest Organ?

First, let’s get our minds out of the gutter so we can answer this question correctly.

What’s a man’s sexiest organ?
. . . . .drum roll please . . .

Seriously, once those six pack abs have become a six pack of beer belly and the only thick hair left is growing out of his ears, there’s got to be something else that keeps your man interesting and chances are it’s his brain. Hopefully he will use it to talk to you or to make you laugh. Maybe even to figure out how to make your favorite meal when you were feeling down and needed a pick me up. Or at least, I hope he will. I’m lucky that my hubby still does all of that and the laundry (I have a tendency to always make everything I wash come out pink!)

Since we are on brainy guys today, here’s one who is cute, loyal and smart (at least on the show). It’s Zachary Levi from NBC’s CHUCK. I don’t know if you’ve caught this or THE BIG BANG THEORY, but nerds are in this year on television. Hubby and I hadn’t planned on watching CHUCK, but after catching a few minutes of it, now we tune in when regularly because it’s really cute and kind of funny. There’s a good romance going on between Chuck (head of the NERD HERD – think Geek Squad) and the beautiful blonde secret agent.

Not to mention that Adam Baldwin is really a quirky character as the chief handler for everyone involved.

When I wrote DANGER CALLS, I had wanted Sebastian Reyes to be a little more insecure and less alpha than he turned out. I know a lot of you loved him in that book and were glad to see him reappear in later books, so I guess many of us like a little nerd in our men as well.

Here’s hoping you have a great Monday!

6 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – A Man’s Sexiest Organ?”

  1. You lost me with the hair in the ears bit.
    That image will remain in my mind for the rest of the day.
    New rule for heroes: no hair in ears, even when they are old and have to wear hats to keep the sun off their bald spots!!

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