Guilty Pleasures Monday – Sexy Italian Men

Fabio CannavaroToday’s Guilty Pleasure is sexy Italian soccer star Fabio Cannavaro! If I had to pick someone that looks like Hadrian in HOLIDAY WITH A VAMPIRE, this Fabio would definitely be the breathtaking bloodsucker.

HOLIDAY WITH A VAMPIRE includes FATE CALLS, the next installment in THE CALLING vampire novels.

I won’t give you a clue, but after FATE CALLS is off the shelves, I’ll be posting a new twist in the mythology to the list of Vampire Rules in THE CALLING mythology. This twist will have implications for the future, including possibly a big change for Diana and Ryder (who you may see again in book 10 of THE CALLING!) Many of you have been asking for this special event to happen and so I did my best to give you what you asked for by laying the groundwork in FATE CALLS.

In FATE CALLS, you’ll meet two totally new characters and you’ll find out a little more about Stacia, who gets her own book next year as well.

Here’s another sneak peek at FATE CALLS — the video trailer.

Also as promised, here are the winners of the latest blog contests:

For the Wicked Wednesday Bad Titles Contest, the winner is Jenny M

For the Wicked Wednesday Work in Progress Contest, the winner is PamK

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