Guilty Pleasures Monday – Cowboys or Military Men?

CowboyCowboys or military men? A tough choice for today’s Guilty Pleasures Monday and so I decided to give you a little bit of both!

Why am I debating this to such a degree? Well, I’ve been hard at work on that series that I mentioned recently. It’s another chapter in the Coltons story that Harlequin has done and my story is about a military man, but he’s grown up in Texas so he’s probably got a good bit of cowboy in him as well.military man

I’ve been immersing myself in the area in which the book is set — the area just west of San Antonio and on the edges of Texas hill country where part of the story takes place.

I’ve also been busy developing my take on the story and the characters and how it will work with the other stories that are being written by other authors. I love the challenge of making the characters and stories my own and I also love the opportunity to work with the talented women who are participating in the series with me.

I believe my novel — tentatively titled A SOLDIER’S SECRET — will be out in August, but I’ll let you know more soon.

So, which you do you prefer? The cowboy or the military man?

Speaking of military men — don’t forget them for the holidays! There’s still time to do Operation Shoebox or any of the other campaigns for our military. You can find out more about what you can do at AMERICA SUPPORTS YOU.

3 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Cowboys or Military Men?”

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  2. OMG that is a tough choice! I’ve written both and read both. But…hmmm. Cowboys by JUST a hair. Or gahd, maybe military. No, no. Cowboys. Barely.

  3. When they look like that – WHO CARES, I’ll take ’em BOTH!

    I have to admit though, I’ve been reading a lot of Linda Lael Miller lately and I do like the cowboys…

    You have fun with the continuity. You’ll love Carla Cassidy, she’s in my RWA chapter (like you – a chapter prez) and is a major league hoot.

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