Wicked Wednesday – Psychic Treats and a Prize from Rayna Vause

ONLY IN HER DREAMS by Rayna VauseHave you ever wanted to be able to see into the future and know what was coming down the pike? How about talk to the dead or maybe know who you were in a past life? I have. I’m completely fascination with the paranormal, especially psychics. I love shows like The Dead Zone and Medium. They feed my fascination. I am completely intrigued by all types of psychic phenomena. It has a “what if” factor that really appeals to me and inevitably winds up in my writing in some fashion or another.

At this point, you’re probably wondering who I am and why am I telling you this? As Caridad mentioned, I’m Rayna Vause, guest blogger for the day. I’m the author of the recently released novel, Only in Her Dreams. My story is about psychic, Rachel Walker, a woman haunted by visions made which are made even more frightening by the fact that they have never failed to come true. This time Rachel is dreaming of her own death.

So, back to my question, have you ever wanted to know the future? I think it’s totally cool to go to psychics, palm readers or tarot readers. It makes me a bit nervous, but the thrill of finding out what they see overcomes my fear of getting really bad news every time. I also like to hear stories about other people’s experiences. For example, a friend of mine was telling the story of getting a reading from a woman who could read past lives.

Apparently, my friend was a young, attractive, smart woman born in France or England somewhere back in the 1800’s who marries an older man who is willing to give her the freedom, knowledge, and adventure she craves. She ended up traveling to South America where she helped tribal people in the rain forest.

Of course, then there are stories like the one I heard from another friend. She went to get a reading and the first words out of the psychic’s mouth were “I’m so sorry for your loss. How long has he been dead?” The psychic paused for a moment, and then her face went red as she said, “Oh My God, it hasn’t happened yet.” Frighteningly, my friend’s uncle passed away four hours after that reading.

I guess when you’re dealing with the realm of the unknown you have to risk hearing the bad to also learn about the good. Now, I’m going to ask you all to share. Have you ever had a reading or psychic experience of any types? I’d love to hear some of your stories while I share with you a bit of mine. Oh yeah, I’ve also got a prize. From now until Sunday midnight, leave me your stories and comments and one you will be selected to win a free download of my book from All Romance eBooks.

As for Caridad, visit with her at Romance Bandits and leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of MOON FEVER and a CHICAS t-shirt!

***Excerpt from ONLY IN HER DREAMS***

… he captured her mouth in a breath-stopping, mind-blowing kiss. They lay pressed together, her hands captured by his. She couldn’t think, all she could do was feel and, oh, the sensations. When the kiss ended, she opened her eyes and looked up into those of her lover. She saw Jack’s silver grey gaze shining down at her. He captured both of her wrists in one hand while the other explored the contours of her body once again. She gasped his name as she closed her eyes, focusing on the magic his fingers created.

But something wasn’t right…her eyelids lifted and she gasped. Her hands were still bound, but her lover was gone. All of the wonderful, erotic sensations turned to fear and pain, and she was falling. She plunged into icy blackness fast and deep. The impact of hitting the surface knocked the breath out of her before the water closed over her head. The ties around her hands impeded her ability to pull herself to the top and her lungs were starting to burn, but she continued to fight. She felt hands grip her, seeming to stop her upward progress, and she struggled against them. Black spots bloomed and spread, filling her vision, blocking out everything until she was locked in darkness.

“Come on, angel, wake up. You’re dreaming. Come out of it.”

Rachel fought against the force holding her down.

“Rachel!” At the commanding call of her name, she snapped awake.

“Oh, God!” She clutched at him, needing his strength and his warmth to chase away the cold. He lay down next to her in the bed and pulled her tightly against him. He rubbed gentle circles on her back and down her arm.

“You scared me,” he said, his voice low and raspy. “I could hear you moaning and gasping from my room. I came in to see if you were okay. You were fighting as though your life depended on it.”

Rachel let herself be hugged, comforted. Laying her head on his bare chest, she could hear the strong, steady beat of his heart. “I’m fine now.”

“It sounded like you were struggling to breathe.” He pulled her tighter, buried his lips against her hair.

She tried to let it soothe her, but frustration was taking the lead now. “The dream is changing, Jack. I’m getting more details, but

I don’t know what they mean. It’s like watching disconnected scenes from a movie.”

“Tell me.”

She told him everything, fear and embarrassment filling her.

“I don’t know what it all means. It just doesn’t make any sense. What is the point of being psychic if I don’t even understand my own premonition?” She rolled free of him and pounded her fist against the mattress as she stared up at the ceiling. “I’m getting so sick of these cryptic messages. I want life to go back to normal. I want this to all be over.” She rolled again so that her back was to him. He spooned her, wrapping his arms around her waist, squeezing.

“I know, angel, but there’s nothing we can do about it tonight. Try to relax,” he said. He pressed a kiss to her ear, his breath warm and soothing. She felt his hand stroke her hair. It struck her as odd that this man, who she’d only known for a short while, was a comfort to her. She was used to dealing with what life threw at her on her own.

Her mother’s abilities scared the heck out of people. So for the most part, it had been just the two them. Now Jack was here, offering his support despite his skepticism. He was quickly becoming her safety net. The irresistible pull between them had been there from the first moment she’d looked into his eyes after fishing him out of the harbor. And it tugged harder at her every day.

She didn’t know what to do anymore. She didn’t know what repercussions there would be if she let her desire for Jack take control. A small part of her didn’t care about the consequences. If she was going to be killed, she may as well enjoy the time she had left. Exhaustion caught up with her and she could feel the beginnings of a headache. Snuggling closer to Jack, she fell into a blessedly dreamless sleep.

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18 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday – Psychic Treats and a Prize from Rayna Vause”

  1. I’ve had profound readings from a clairvoyant in NJ. Once, I had this strange sensation somewhat tingling across my neck in the afternoon for three days in a row. Annoyed by this odd sensation with no medical reasoning for it, I consulted Dianne Fitzpatrick for a reading. She said that I had 82 past lives and most of them I died at a very young age from being too outspoken. I was impressed with this information until she said nervously, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but it had to do a lot with being hung from a rope.” As soon she said that I had instant flashbacks of my childhood.
    When I was a child in elementary school, I used to be obsessed drawing nooses. I couldn’t get it out of my head. One day a classmate next to my left who got to sit next to the window with shades. He jokingly jabbed my arm telling me to see his art craft of tying the shade’s string into a noose. I immediately got extremely upset and ferociously told him untie it! He was taken back of my sudden outburst.
    Fast forwarding another part of my childhood, I was engrossed and cried for weeks when I saw Hunchback of the Notre Dame film acted by Anthony Hopkins.
    I was now back in the room with Dianne absolutely stunned. Her advice was to make sure that I spoke my truth to my family no matter the consequences and that I’m safe in this lifetime.
    Still somewhat skeptical —- I left thanking her not sure what to make of all this New Age talk.
    Some time later I had a lot of odd daydreams about colonial times and still to this day, if I see anything colonial-like – I get extremely nostalgic. I have even named things without realizing what strange contraptions were to friends and they would disbelieve me until we asked proof from a museum guide or read cards on the glass case, etc. Dianne said that I was a black slave who knew how to read and write back then and was in love with a white boy who married someone else. She said I am under the slavery mentality with my family who kept tight reigns on me in my early 20’s. Now I understood why my heart would lurch anytime I saw some large black older lady — there’s something extremely familiar and again that deep nostalgia would sweep through me.

    One last memorable reading — my best friend committed suicide and her boyfriend visited me to talk things over. We had a reading with Dianne and she said that he and my best friends were brothers and sisters in the past life. Robert immediately recognized that as very true as he felt that their romantic relationship were not truly romantic – more of brothers and sisters. He was really surprised. Then Dianne turned to me and said that my best friend is not done with me yet. I am what they’re called a Death Walker and I am supposed to help VJ to cross to the other side. Was she ever right. Years later I had to have a shaman help me release her soul piece so she could move on.

    These are true experiences I’ve had in my lifetime.

    I also have fascinating experiences when giving tarot readings to others. Due to confidentiality reasons, I can’t name who. But I remember one customer who I felt like I was slamming against a glass wall – getting nothing. My full readings are 1 hour long and at the last five minutes — mind you, it was all done through a computer and IM (instant message – I did not see who or how the customer looked)- suddenly I felt all of her chakras ignite in my own — as if we emerged as one and I suddenly pointed out one fact based on a certain chakra I sensed and she finally broke down. We ended up having to extend the reading for another hour so we could get to the issue. She thanked me profusely although was unhappy about the fact – (I don’t sugar coat things)and hopefully a catalyst has set her off to a healthier path.

    May clarity be gifted to us all when we need it the most! Cheers.

  2. i love finding to new authors for myself!
    wish i could find a page, of here is all the authors for this genre ,….. and so i can try them all

  3. Welcome, Rayna,

    Great excerpt! Interesting concept,
    although I’m not sure I could follow thru
    on reading this type of story. If this
    were back in the day, my siblings would
    say I’m just a “scaredy cat.” Good luck
    with your writing future!

    Pat Cochran

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  5. Hi Kai,

    What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing that. Please be sure to stop by and let me know what you thought of my book when you finish it.

  6. hi rayna,great post! When I moved to california after my mom passed away I woke up early one morning and heard my mom humming and cooking in my kitchen. when I walked into the kitchen no one was there(of course!) but i felt her energy and thekitchen felt very warm. i would love to win your book, if not i will definitely pick it up .

  7. Hi Linda,

    I love your enthusiasm! I’m very sorry to hear about your stroke, but you sound upbeat and that’s important. Thanks for saying hello.

    Hi Pam,

    Thanks so much. It was fun story for me to tell. Glad you stopped by!

  8. I love the sound of your book. wow has to be a scrary position to be in to invision your own death. I never dealt with anything real along this line. So I have no stories to tell. Maybe later in my life.




  10. Hi Peggy,

    Thanks for the welcome and good wishes. Happy holidays to you as well.

    Hey Irene,
    I would find people’s disbelief extremely frustrating as well. Psychic talent can be equal parts gift and burden. Thanks for saying hi!

    Hi Christy,
    Thanks for stopping in. I’m really excited about this book and I hope that people enjoy it.

    Hi Ali,

    Thanks for sharing. I think that’s terrific that you had a such a great reading. Personally, I think that’s psychic abilities are truly a gift when they can give people a positive emotional experience.

    Hey Alexina,

    The same thing happens to me and for me it’s freaky and really cool all at the smae time. LOL!

    I like Medium. I think they’ve had some fun story lines. Have you ever watched Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead on the Lifetime Network? She’s a lot of fun to watch.

    Thanks for stopping in.

  11. Interesting… I’ve often felt a kind of niggling feeling in the back of my mind, like… wait a minute, I’ve seen this before and I’d have dreamed or daydreamed the moment in detail maybe days prior. Freaky!

    But Medium… I never liked the show. Can’t explain it, maybe it’s the acting. I do love anything paranormal so I’m sure it’s nothing like disliking the premises of the show, but… I dunno.

    In any case, it’s always great to find new authors who bring something new to the pie, so to speak. Only in Her Dreams sounds very interesting 🙂

  12. Hi, Rayna 🙂
    Interesting post…. I’ve visited a psychic before… but, to be honest, after a couple days, I can never really remember what they told me… terrible, I know, lol. I did have a wonderful experience with this one psychic that I ended up in tears at the end.
    Ooh, and I like this excerpt… I definitely want to know what’s going to happen with Rachel and Jack.

  13. Hi Rayna. It’s always so much fun to find new authors! Your recently released novel, Only in Her Dreams sounds like a wonderful read.

  14. Psychic “gifts” are double-edged. The good and the bad all take their toll on the individual with the talent.
    It is hard enough to have the gifts, harder still to give them up, worse yet to know they’re still boiling under the folds of your mind.
    Possibly the worst thing about having talent is knowing that others do not believe you until it is too late.
    Love the story, Rayna.

  15. rayne- welcome to the site and wow that would be great to be able to look into the future of someone….wish you nothing but good fortune in your own..happy holidays

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