Fashion Friday – Holiday Gifts

Holiday GiftsFirst of all Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday.

I’m counting the minutes until Christmas Eve and having friends and family together, but I’m also freaking out about finishing the holiday shopping and getting the right gifts for people. I’m sure many of you are feeling the same way and hope I can help with these little tips about what to get any friends who happen to be writers as well. Here goes:

1. Pens. You can never have enough. I’ve got a collection at home from Mont Blancs to a great funky Goth pen I picked up while on vacation.
2. Paper. Fancy note paper so they can write to you (although I am so not a letter writer!)
3. Gift card to a bookstore. Why not a particular book? It’s hard with avid readers to know just what they haven’t read yet.
4. Journals. Something to jot down that next amazing story idea.
5. Bookends

Of course, when all else fails, Chocolate. Never fails to make one happy.

Now I’ve got to think about what to get those teens in my life. At this age, it’s really tough! Any suggestions would be welcome.

Don’t forget to drop by Rayna Vause’s blog for a chance to win a copy of her debut novel.

Also, don’t forget these treats that I have coming up for you!

  • December 12: La Connie Taylor-Jones will be here to share information about her latest release, When I’m With You. Leave a comment on the blog for a chance to win a copy of SECRET AGENT REUNION, my August release.
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  • Here’s the line-up so far:

    3 thoughts on “Fashion Friday – Holiday Gifts”

    1. My teenagers are music junkies! A mandolin and bongos are in their christmas future. =) The others are getting bikes and scooters. You’re ALWAYS safe with chocolate. And gum. Packs and packs of gum. =)

    2. Good suggestions! I was thinking of doing a small fun thing that reminds me of them and then a gift card.

      Dorms can run really cold, so your choice of something warming is still a safe bet!

    3. For my teenage nieces I always fall back on gift cards for itunes so they can download their favorite music to their ipods.

      For Katie I usually get something warm because they live in a drafty old house and it’s always freezing in her room. Now that she’s off at college I’m totally messed up. I can only hope the sorority house is a cold old barn!

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