Guilty Pleasures Monday – Sexy Santa

Sexy SantaHere’s what Mrs. Claus doesn’t want you to know! Underneath all that padding and the beard is a very sexy guy. He even wears his red suit to the gym — Check him out!

All kidding aside, when I went in search of a sexy Santa image for you for today’s Guilty Pleasure Monday, I found hundreds of sexy female Santas, but very few sexy male Santas. Why is that, I wonder? I mean, Santa’s a guy so why so many sexy female imposters in the photo gallery?

Well, if this Santa at the gym doesn’t put you in the holiday mood . . .

Maybe this one will! Yes, you’ve seen him before, but I think he deserves an encore in the spirit of the holiday season.


As for me and my holiday spirit, we finally got our tree and put it up on Sunday. Had to make an emergency run to get lights since most of the lights from last year didn’t work. Ornaments are up, including a cool digital ornament we picked up at Target. You upload your pictures into it and a slideshow of the pictures will run while it’s on the tree. Way cool and inexpensive if there’s someone in your family who likes stuff like this.

Also went to my sister’s to check out her holiday collection of things. THere’s some shots of her Santa collection down below!

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