Fashion Friday – Office Holiday Parties

party.jpgIt’s that time of year when businesses hold their annual parties to celebrate the holidays. There are those who get dressed to the nines for these events, but as you must have guessed by now, I’m a simple kind of women. I’ve got a cute little white shirt that has Christmas ornaments embroidered down the front.

Of course because it’s white, I’m praying I don’t dribble some of the party goodies down the front of it or do something equally clutzy as is my general inclination. Which I guess brings us to a list of things not to do at the holiday party!

1. Go to the party. It may not seem like much, but someone went to the trouble of organizing it and paying for it in an effort to show some office spirit.

2. Try not to overdo. That goes for the alcohol and the food.

3. Kick up your heels and dance! (Remember that video of the Harlequin party conga line? I had a great time even if it’s been immortalized forever!)

4. See (3) above. Try not to do the Elaine dance.

5. Office romances are never a good idea. For a recent take on this, check out my buddy Jamie Martinez Wood’s Chica Lit Blog story!

Hope you are all having a great holiday season so far! Also, don’t forget to check out the next stop on the 12 Days of Chica blog tour at Misa Ramirez’s blog.

Also — drop by the Barbara Vey’s Publishers Weekly blog to check out her comments on HOLIDAY WITH A VAMPIRE!

P.S. — I almost forgot! Seems like they’ve reprinted DEATH CALLS again (which had been sold out) and you can click here to order it from B&N. This is book 4 in THE CALLING series, but also the second story to feature Diana and Ryder. Will there be another book featuring Diana and Ryder? Well, we’ve been talking about it and for those of you who have read HOLIDAY WITH A VAMPIRE, you know the new vampire rule and what that might mean if Diana and Ryder have another go in a third book!

0 thoughts on “Fashion Friday – Office Holiday Parties”

  1. So glad you are enjoying the 12 days of Chicas!

    It’s interesting that your mom’s name is the same as Mary’s and that there were other Marys in your house.

    My sis was named after mom and so they became Carmen and Carmencita to distinguish them.

    Same with my dad and brother — Gonzalo and Gonzalito.

    Have a great holiday!

  2. Hello, Caridad,

    Just wanted to take a moment to let you
    know how much I am enjoying the 12
    Days of Chica! I meant to leave a note
    on Mary Castillo’s blog about her name.
    It seems to be a popular one among the women of my family! My late mother’s
    name was Mary Castillo. She insisted
    on being called Mary Louise because
    two of her daughters-in-law were also
    named Mary Castillo. Luckily, with the
    use of middle names and nicknames,
    the confusion was mostly avoided!!

    Merry Christmas!

    Pat Cochran

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