Tuesday Tip – New Year’s Solutions and not Resolutions

dietfork.jpgIt’s a new year and like many, I’ve considered what I can do to make 2008 a better year.

Writing-wise, my desire is to improve as a writer and think of a really new and exciting story! That hasn’t changed much from last year since I hope to always improve my writing skills and create different things for you.

Health-wise, I’d like to lose some more weight. I lost a good amount last year, but I know I still have to lose more in order to be healthier. Healthy being the key. Carrying around too much weight is not good on your bones or your heart. It can lead to diabetes and other health risks, so changing your lifestyle to eat better and exercise is always a good thing.

I know I’m probably not the only one with that New Year’s resolution so this Tuesday’s Tip is dedicated to a few sites that will hopefully offer some solutions in the Battle of the Bulge!

Here they are:

FromFat2Fit: My friend Carole Carson offers inspiration, tips, recipes and more to help you get and stay fit. Truly inspirational and Carole’s Book on fitness and weight control was selected as one of the top books in 2007!

Biggest Loser: I am so not a reality TV person, but I am hooked on watching this show. It is inspiring to see the determination of these individuals. The site has recipes and other info. There’s also a pay site called the Biggest Loser Club, but IMHO there are plenty of sites with free info.

Calorie King: Calorie database as well as much more. Calorie counts include many fast food restaurant items for when you must have one of these. There is a charge for some portions of this site, but not all. Lots of free info is available here.

USA FDA Website: Information from the FDA about Losing Weight and Maintaining a Healthy Weight.

Glycemic Index: The Gylcemic Index is a ranking of carbs. Including low GI carbs/foods is a great way to help lose weight since low-GI foods are digested and absorbed more slowly which helps with having regular blood sugar and insulin levels. Low GI Index foods also have more health benefits. Read about it at this site.

Kraft Foods Healthy Living: Meal planners, calorie and exercise info plus recipes. Also sign up to get a free South Beach Living sample by clicking here. Who doesn’t love all things South Beach! 🙂

WebMD Diet and Weight Tips: Articles, links and more related to weight loss and diets. Includes a BMI index with a survey to help you analyze what you eat and determine areas in which you should focus in order to lose weight.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?