Thoughtful Thursday – National Wear Red Day

Tommorrow, Feb 1, is National Wear Red Day to remind women to take care of their hearts! Join the thousands who will wear red (my favorite color by the way) to help build awareness that women are at risk for heart disease.

As women, we listen to the emotion in her hearts, but sometimes forget about listening to the health of our hearts. It’s an important thing to do to keep us living longer.

We’re often torn in so many different directions, being moms, working, writing, you name it. Women sometimes ignore those little aches and pains, the breathlessness and other things that may be warning signs that something is wrong. We tell ourselves that we don’t have the time to take care of ourselves because so many others depend on us.

Well, imagine what would happen if you weren’t there?

My mom was always a giver. She placed her own needs above those of her own. It’s why she ignored those little things she thought were nothing. Sadly, it was more than nothing. Maybe if she had listened to her heart, I’d still have her with me.

So please, remind yourself to check out your heart and keep it healthy by wearing red tomorrow or everyday! (I used to wear red so much in high school, that my best friends teasingly called me THE CHERUB!)

For more information on National Wear Red Day and to get lots of valuable information about keeping your heart healthy, you can click here and visit THE HEART TRUTH website!