Funny Friday – 5 things to do during the Writer’s Strike

Writer's StrikeI don’t know about you, but after all the excitement about finally having a new television episode — and of LOST no less — I found myself incredibly . . . lost. I guess my mind was distracted with other things and thankfully, I taped it so I could watch it at another time to try and figure out what was going on.

That brings me to today’s FUN FRIDAY which is, What to do until the Writer’s Strike is settled.

    1. Exhaust all the movies and shows that I keep on setting the DVR to record and never got to watch.
    2. Turn to the FOOD NETWORK and drool while Paula Dean cooks up yet another dish featuring butter or bacon or fried stuff
    3. Imagine visiting the places that THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC keep on featuring.
    4. Pray that the organizer gods smile down on me and send me one of those MISSION:ORGANIZATION/CLEAN SWEEPS people.
    5. Dust off my BUFFY DVDs as well as all those keeper movies and go on a commercial free marathon.

For #5, you may want to check out the Best Movie Mistakes website and really make it a fun viewing. There are lots of mistakes that never make it to the bloopers reel. Here’s some of the ones I’ve either seen or heard about:

In STAR WARS, one of the storm troopers smashes his head as he’s passing through a doorway.

During the chariot battle in GLADIATOR, when one of the chariots overturns, you can see a cylinder and mechanism that launched the chariot into the air.

In MARIE ANTIONETTE, as Marie is looking through the shoes she might wear, there’s a pair of sneakers.

In CLEOPATRA, I believe it’s Richard Burton who is sporting a modern Timex Watch along all the period jewelry/accessories.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Copyright 2008 Caridad Pineiro Scordato

4 thoughts on “Funny Friday – 5 things to do during the Writer’s Strike”

  1. Did you catch Eli Stone last night? I DVR’ed it and watched it tonight. Besides the Oceanic commercials that had me yelling at my son, it was a fabulous show!

  2. I so agree with you. I love my DVR!!

    I do watch CRIMINAL MINDS and NUMBERS which I think have been new ones, so yes, the dearth isn’t that bad . . . yet.

    Honestly, the longer people go without watching or have to wait before the next new episode, the rougher it is on the writers. People will just find other things to fill the void and then they’ll have to fight to get those viewers back.

    and big yes! GO GIANTS!!!

  3. I just don’t feel like I”m missing much tv-wise…last week we had a new Criminal Minds and Medium is back, this week we got a new Supernatural and of course LOST has finally arrived 😀

    Personally, I think the DVR was the best thing invented EVAH! I could never watch a commercial ever again and not miss a thing.

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