Guilty Pleasures Monday – Kurt Russell

Big Trouble in Little ChinaFirst of all — GO GIANTS!! What an upset!! Way to go. I think Manning did an amazing job, but if I could, I’d give the entire Giants defense the MVP award as well.

Today’s Guilty Pleasure is an oldie but goodie — Kurt Russell.

I’ve loved Kurt for years and recently saw him in THE DREAMER a great horse movie based on a true story.

Also — he played coach Herb Brooks in the movie MIRACLE, about the 1980s men’s Olympic ice hockey team that defeated the undefeatable Russian team. I can’t believe I left this one off the list of sports movies the other day. My family and I have watched this one over and over!

Kurt has been in a number of movies, directed some and been nominated for a bunch of awards. Can we also say that he’s got great eyes, a wonderful body in his day and those to-die-for dimples?

Here’s some things I didn’t know about Kurt that I discovered at Wikipedia:

  • Kurt is the son of Bing Russell who played Deputy Clem Foster on Bonanza.
  • Kurt played baseball for the Angels Double-A Minor league affiliate, but an injury to his shoulder ended his career.
  • My hubby’s favorite Kurt Russell movie is BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, but I think I prefer MIRACLE, STARGATE or ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK.

    0 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Kurt Russell”

    1. So glad you liked it, Jennifer! This year’s books will feature slightly different demons, but I am considering whether to revisit the Jaguar clan.

      Thanks for stopping by.

    2. LOL I can’t comment on the game but only say sorry to hear that your team didn’t make it…

      Now Kurt is a topic I can speak to *grin* and yes I agree with you Caridad, the movie Miracle was truly a wonderful movie to watch.

    3. Overboard? Where Goldie plays some rich dingbat Kurt convinces is his wife after she gets amnesia? That was a FUNNY movie!

      So…that WAS him at the Super Bowl. He, like so many of us, has gotten older.
      He had great hair, too.

      Did he and Goldie ever get married?

    4. “Congratulations” on your team’s win!!
      It was a great game (as much of it as I
      saw!) I started coming down with the
      flu Friday and it was in full bloom by
      gametime. I dozed on and off throughout
      the game but did rouse up enough to see
      the end and Eli’s game-winning pass!

      Pat Cochran

    5. Yes, go Giants!!

      You’re right that Kurt has seemed to avoid the problems which have hurt other Hollywood types. He was at the Super Bowl. They should him in one of the booths with Kate Hudson.

    6. Congratulations on the Giants win! I was thinking about you. (sigh if only the Chief’s knew something about winning games).

      Kurt Russell? Hmmmm yeah, he’s a good one. He’s sort of the success story to Jan Michael Vincent’s failure. They both came up through the same type of films(Computer wore tennis shoes/World’s greatest athlete) but Kurt managed to avoid the trap of excesses that eventually ate Jan’s brain.

      I really like Big Trouble and also that last one he did with Goldie, Can’t think of the name right off the top of my head. He really does a great job with satire.

      Have a good week,

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