Thoughtful Thursday – Shame on Berkeley

Today’s Thoughtful Thursday is a big SHAME ON YOU to the city council of Berkeley, California which in a 6-3 decision stated that a Marine recruiting station “is not welcome in the city, and if recruiters choose to stay, they do so as uninvited and unwelcome intruders.” For more on this, you can click here or also click here.

There is no question that peaceful protest is protected by the First Amendment and the right to free speech. The City Council of Berkeley has the right to state its opposition to the war. But in doing so, they have trampled on the rights of the Marines to do something which is legal — to recruit new Marines. Worse yet, they have insulted the men and women who serve and die for this country so that we might have the gift of free speech.

Facing a storm of backlash, two of the City Council members have issued an open letter, which you can read by clicking here. Despite that open letter, the San Jose Mercury News provided the following quote from Capitelli:

    “I would prefer they recruit somewhere else, but they have a constitutional and legal right to be here. . . . If they decide to be here, then there are actions (protesters) can take, and the Marines will have to decide whether that’s an acceptable price to pay to be in Berkeley. That’s their decision to make, but not the city council’s decision.”

The City Council seems to forget that free speech is a right that comes with a duty — to act responsibly. They also seem to forget that the right to free speech does not mean that they are free from the repercussions of that speech.

I, for one, will make it a point to never set foot in Berkeley again.

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  1. Thanks, Dawn for dropping by.

    I hadn’t thought of those flavored packets for the show boxes I’ve been doing, but will certainly make a point of including them now.

    And for anyone else who wants to support the people who keep us free — the military — check out the sidebar of the blog for the icon that will take you to a site where you can make a difference.

  2. Thank you for your comments, Nancy.

    Many people know that I was not born here, but in Cuba, a country whose current inhabitants know nothing of free speech.

    If anything, that makes it even more precious to me. It also makes me understand that such a liberty was earned by families such as yours and all the other military families that sacrifice so much so that we might have our liberties.

    Again, shame on these people.

  3. I’m in the military. This infuriates me. Blame the soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen for the war? Wow. Didn’t we get past this years ago?

    My husband is former Navy. His fury is impressive at this moment. Caridad, thank you and Michelle and Nancy for all the support you’ve given the military and for your public comments. We appreciate it far more than you know. *they love those flavor packets for water in care packages!!!!*

  4. As an Army veteran with an ex-Marine father-in-law, I was appalled when I first heard this story. Yes, we have free speech, but where did that freedom come from? The lives of brave men and women who fought for that right. The funny, and sad, thing is, the Marines would never treat the protesters in the same fashion. Nearly ever ex-military (or current military) person I’ve met is unfailingly polite and kind to everyone regardless of their beliefs.

    I’m so glad you took this stand publicly and I’m proud of my service, the service, in the Army, of my father and my brother as well, and even if I joke around with him, I’m proud of my FIL. I’m also very proud to know you!

  5. Thank you, Michele. I likewise support the troops by sending care packages and the like.

    It’s really a shame that the council has acted like this and worse yet, continues to believe that it is all right for any group to harass another in such a fashion.

  6. omg
    I agree with your response to that news.
    While I’m not thrilled our country is at war, we DO need soldiers willing to keep us and our children safe. If we start to do away with our troops who will we have left to protect us? My grandfather, father and brother and grandfather in law all served this country. In fact my grandfather in law wasn’t even born here and he still served and protected us. I am grateful for my many friends and family who give selflessly to keep me and my children safe. I even sponsor troops over seas that we send care packages too when we can.

    I am proud of your post, Caridad!

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