Guilty Pleasures Monday – Matthew McConaughey

Photo from Warner Bros. Photo Gallery for FOOL'S GOLDI remember People running a comparison of new stars to the stars of old. There was the obvious one between Brad Pitt and Robert Redford, but there was also one between Paul Newman and Matthew McConnaughey and Paul Newman. I hadn’t realized the resemblance, but there it was.

I’ve seen MM over the years in tons of movies and thought, “He’s a cutie.” But lately, MM is a certified hottie with that body as you can see!

So today’s Guilty Pleasure is Matthew McConnaughey. His latest release is FOOL’S GOLD which also stars Kate Hudson. It’s a romantic comedy set in the Caribbean and revolving around sunken treasure. A search for treasure always seems like it would be lots of fun!

The reviews have been mixed but with eye candy like MM, it is certainly worth the admission price or maybe the price of a rental.

You would probably enjoy MM as well in WE ARE MARSHALL, although it’s very serious and he plays a very different and almost quirky character. He did a great job though.

There’s contests going on in connection with the FOOL’s GOLD movie. You can click here for the Atlantis contest or click here for the FOOL’S GOLD Sweepstakes which has a number of prizes or just click here and then on CONTEST for the dozens of other contests in connection with the film!

Anyway, if you haven’t already seen the trailer, check it out and also check out the amazing bod on MM!