Thoughtful Thursday – The Biggest Loser and Societal Values

Hunger PangsOkay, so you all know by now that I’ve had my own personal battle of the bulge. Maybe that’s why I’ve gotten hooked on THE BIGGEST LOSER. I can so identify with these people since at one time or another, I probably weighed enough to be on the show.

I’ve totally been engaged not just by their personal stories, determination and of course, the diet and exercise tips, but about the societal values we see at work during the game play. Like what you may wonder?

The contestants originally completed a challenge in order to choose who would train them — Bob or Jillian.

If I had my druthers, I would so totally choose kick ass Jillian. I can definitely see her as the heroine in one of my novels!

The groups (consisting of couples this time) split off with those trainers, but a few weeks ago the trainers had a challenge and Bob won. Bob got to pick the people for his new blue team. No surprise to me who he picked. He picked mostly men. Big, heavy muscular men who are more likely to post big weight gain loss numbers compared to the smaller and less heavy men and women who were then sent to Jillian, including one couple who had chosen Bob as their original trainer and were the original blue team.

The sweet justice of all this is that since then, Jillian’s team has won 2 of the 3 weigh-offs! Love it!

What happened the first time that the mostly male blue team had to choose someone to eliminate? They voted off the only woman on the team.

Hmm. Are you seeing a pattern here that maybe reflects societal values? Big men good. Small woman bad.

Well, this small woman is going to keep on watching as the game play and weight loss continues. I’ll be rooting for Jillian and her mostly female black team.

Copyright 2008 Caridad Pineiro Scordato