Fun Friday – Cats, Cats, Cats

I love both cats and dogs, but am most decidedly a cat person. Our cat’s name is Osiris and she’s a friendly, rather vocal cat. Slightly odd as well since she loves to fetch and will bark at birds and other animals she sees from the window. She also plays fetch with raw pasta! We saved her from a local shelter where the volunteer mentioned how hard it is to place black cats. It wasn’t hard for us since she was the friendliest cat we’d seen and my daughter immediately bonded with her.

For the other cat lovers on the blog, here’s a Fun Friday video all about Funny Cat moments.

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3 thoughts on “Fun Friday – Cats, Cats, Cats”

  1. Love the cat video! We have two. (both rescues) One is black and smart as a whip. We had to get new facets in the bathrooms because she figured out how to turn them on.
    The other is a calico-dumb as a doornail. Bites for no reason, can’t understand anything. Point a a piece of food on the floor and she licks your finger. There are no brains in that little head.

    The website class at RWA today was great! Thank you so much. I can’t wait to try the site/techniques you mentioned.

  2. Hilarious video, Caridad! I laughed myself
    right into a coughing spell!

    Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!
    Honey and I spent a quiet evening at
    home, with an occasional bout of
    coughing going on!! It is taking us a bit
    longer than usual to get clear of the
    flu! It’s not being fun at all!!

    Pat Cochran

  3. (Now you’ve done it, never get me talking about the cat)…I too have a cat that fetches. She loves those really tiny hartz mountain rabbit fur mice. We keep them in a tupperware on the floor in the living room and she’ll go nuts trying to get the lid off when she’s chased all the “freed” mice into hiding. If you lob them down the hallway she’ll tear off after them sliding on the hardwood when she tries to stop. Occasionally you’ll hear her hit the wall at the end of the hall.

    She goes nuts when Steve gets the piece of metal door threshold that he uses to reach under the fridge to chase out the mice that have sought refuge under there.

    Every now and then one of the mice will have reached the end and it’s head will break off. The first time that happened the cat sat there, meowed at the mouse then looked at me like…”This is just WRONG – Fix it!”

    We’ve had her about 6 months (also a shelter cat) and she learns a new trick about once a month. Lately I’ve been finding her sitting on the range hood over the stove in the kitchen. I think she thinks she’s a vulture.

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