Fun Friday – A Renaissance Woman

Renaissance Artist courtesy of Microsoft Word Clip ArtWhen I was younger, I was more of a Renaissance woman, but my current responsibilities have really curtailed a lot of what I used to do.

I was an athlete for starters. Played field hockey, volleyball, softball and tennis. Even gave basketball a shot ’cause my 5 foot mom had once played for her team. Basketball was clearly not my sport, although I play a mean game of 21.

I used to play the bassoon in several orchestras. What’s a bassoon? It’s the long instrument that looks like a bazooka and sounds like a foghorn. My music teacher told me it was just like a clarinet when he convinced me to take it up (SO NOT like a clarinet as you can see!)

Fox Bassoon Photograph of a Fox Bassoon. Contributed and licensed under the GFDL by the photographer, Gregory Maxwell at Wikipedia

Used to sing, but my voice was so low they shoved me in with the boys in the choir. I’m still an alto, but can carry a tune usually in the shower.

I used to read a lot more, but sadly my TBR pile looks like Mount Everest now and last but not least, I used to draw. Pastels, charcoals, watercolors and pen and ink. Not great, but not so awful you couldn’t tell that it was supposed to be a house and not a toaster.

Of course, drawing/painting are demanding in so many ways that writing is not, namely, SUPPLIES. All you need to write are a pen, paper and imagination. For art, there’s a lot more necessary supply-wise, but I’ve found a solution for you this Fun Friday — the free artpad software at Just click here to begin creating. You can even save your artwork for others to explore.

So this Fun Friday, take a minute to explore your inner Picasso or Van Gogh!

Hope you all have a great weekend.

For those of you in the Lancaster area, I’ll be signing books on Saturday from 1 to 3 at the Borders located at 828 Park City Center, Lancaster, PA 17601; (717)299-0905. The mall website is and the Borders store is in the Sears wing.

I’ll be signing with my friend and fellow author Gwyn Cready who is celebrating the release of her first novel, Tumbling Through Time.

3 thoughts on “Fun Friday – A Renaissance Woman”

  1. Oh, wow, all this stuff I didn’t know about you! I can beat your geeky band instrument–I played the trombone! I was also pretty good–got gold medals at the state music competition. I sang and did miscellaneous art projects, too. But I was never an athlete–I’m a complete spaz in any team sport.

  2. Let’s not get into the Renaissance…just makes me feel bad about all the things I can’t do any more.
    But the Artpad is cool. Yet another way to chew up time instead of writing.

    I forwarded the URL to lots of people.
    Thanks, amiga!

  3. Hi Caridad! I’m kind of a Renaissance woman myself. I grew up with a family of musicians, and I use to dance (ballet) professionally. I can draw a bit, write a bit, and throw a softball. I love My nephew is a budding artist and this is just a great place for him. Kaye

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