Guilty Pleasures Monday – Christian Bale

Being a comic book fan, there was no doubt in my mind I’d head to the movies to see the latest reincarnation of the BATMAN franchise. I’d heard about Christian Bale before, but hadn’t really seen him in anything. I wasn’t even sure at first that he was attractive, but by the end of the movie both my daughter and I were like . . . He’s hot.

Christian also did a great job of being Batman. He’s the best Batman so far in the franchise and I’m really looking forward to the next movie.

Bale has also apparently signed on to play John Connor in Terminator 4 and one of his latest releases is RESCUE DAWN, an interesting movie about a Vietnam POW that is based on a true story. Hubby and I saw it and were truly impressed with how Bale handled the difficult role.

Having enjoyed Bale so much, I’ve put him on my must watch list and suggest you catch THE PRESTIGE and if you can stomach it, AMERICAN PSYCHO. The latter is quite gruesome and is based on the Brett Easton Ellis novel that stirred up so much controversy. The novel had originally been bought by Simon & Schuster who decided not to publish it. It was eventually released by Vintage, but controversy continued.

The novel was attacked by feminists and sometimes banned for its violence. In the movie, Bale portrays a narcissistic serial killer who primps and preens while eliminating an assortment of people. He looks spectacular in the designer suits, but even better without them! Is it worth the violence to see him? For a little bit at least. The best scenes with him are at the beginning of the movie before he starts acting out and killing people.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Guilty Pleasure.