Fun Friday – Let’s Party, Like it’s my birthday!

Image courtesy of Amazing AnimationsWHOA! It’s my b’day and also, happy b’day to my hubby, nephew, best friend’s daughter, colleague’s wife, hubby’s aunt, Rita’s niece and a whole mess of other people born on my b’day.

Well, can I still call it my b’day since I share it with so many other people? LOL! Since I’m about 12 hours older than hubby — a fact he never lets me forget — I guess I can!!

So, we’re starting a celebration today that’s going to run all the way to next Friday! Anyone who leaves any kind of comment on the blog will be eligible to win a copy of SOUTH BEACH CHICAS and your choice of either HOLIDAY WITH A VAMPIRE or MOON FEVER or SECRET AGENT REUNION along with a t-shirt and some other goodies.

If you’re also a member of my newsletter/contest loop and are the daily winner, you’ll get an extra special treat — a copy of one of the out-of-print CALLING vampire novels as well as another special treat. If you haven’t already signed up, it’s not too late to do so. Just click here to get to the contest page and sign up.

Sis and I played hooky yesterday and went to the Philly Flower show. We had a blast and I’ll be posting photos from this year’s show soon for you to check them out!

Have a great day and a great weekend! Good luck with the contest. Remember, just leave a comment on the blog any day from today to next Friday and you could be a winner.