Tuesday Tip – Calculating Calories and another winner!

Courtesy Microsoft Word Clip artHave you seen that new Propel commercial telling you how many sit-ups/walking/jump roping you have to do to make up for drinking that other exercise water?

It says something like “492 situps to burn off this water”? I thought 492 situps to burn off 100-something calories? Wow, like can that be right? Do you wonder sometimes how many calories something is or how long it takes to burn it off?

Well, here’s some good tools for you from Kraft Foods (yes, I do love that site. Lots of great stuff!)

You can click here for all their calculators! Some of the ones you might want to use:

Calorie Burn: Find out how long you need to exercise to burn off that donut.

Food analyzer: Not sure how many calories in something? Check it out here.

So — how long would it take to burn off those 100 calorie packs? Here goes:

    30 minutes of slow walking
    20 minutes of fast walking
    10 minutes on an elliptical trainer

Hope these calculators help you when you’re stumped!

But now for the fun part!

WOW — what a lot of March b’days in all the comments yesterday! Hubby and I had a great time down the shore. Although it was wet and windy, it was lots of fun.

I’ll be writing to each and every one of you who left a comment, it just may take a few days since I’m also trying to put the finishing touches on my next romantic suspense book — A SOLDIER’S SECRET CHILD — which will be out this August!
And now . . . drum roll please . . .

The winner of Monday’s B’day Blog Contest is Stacia H. Wow — a real person named Stacia like from DESIRE CALLS and the upcoming ARDOR CALLS. Too cool.

FYI — word is that the next 3 in THE CALLING will probably hit the shelves in late Spring 2009. Sorry for the wait, but I’ll try to offer you some free reads in the meantime!