Wicked Wednesday – THE CALLING Fresh Blood and another winner!

THE CALLING Complete E-Book CollectionToday’s Wicked Wednesday is what I’m calling FRESH BLOOD, namely, a free read that you won’t find in any of THE CALLING vampire novels.

This FRESH BLOOD free read occurs in the months after the conclusion of DEVOTION CALLS. I’ll be posting more FRESH BLOOD shortly to add some behind the scenes action for you to enjoy until the release of the next three THE CALLING novels in late Spring 2009. You should be seeing FURY CALLS, ARDOR CALLS and VENGEANCE CALLS by the middle of 2009!

If you like this FRESH BLOOD, also check out the DELETED BITS which are scenes that either totally ended up on the cutting room floor or have new sections you might not have seen in the original THE CALLING vampire novels.

Don’t forget that you can still read the free e-novella DESIRE CALLS at Eharlequin.com. You can click here to read it!

AND NOW — The winner of Tuesday’s B’Day Blog Contest is LISA R.! Please e-mail me your postal address so that I can get those goodies out to you.

Without further ado, here’s today’s Wicked Wednesday FRESH BLOOD!

**SPOILER ALERT**This may reveal
some information from the conclusion of DEVOTION CALLS.**


Diana Reyes stared at the pile of files precariously stacked on the side of her desk. Earlier that night she had just finished the last of the paperwork from the day before when an apologetic clerk had dropped this fresh load in her office.

Anger surged through her at the thought of another day at her desk, checking references and other information so that the subjects of the files would receive their proper security clearances. This wasn’t why she had joined the FBI, but then again, there had to be some kind of punishment for failing to prevent the deaths of so many agents during her last real assignment.

Those deaths and the nearly crippling injuries to her partner David Harris weighed heavily on her mind as did the personal aftermath from the night of the failed raid.

The santero’s words to her from months earlier still troubled her.

I can’t heal what you have.

What she had, Diana thought, laying her hands out before her and staring at them hard.

Human hands. Warm and filled with life. But within that life was something new. Different than before. And something that worried her still.

Deciding that she couldn’t linger a moment longer, she escaped the confines of her office, racing past David’s empty one and onto the elevator.

Out on the street before Federal Plaza, she stopped and breathed in the warm summer air. Thick and humid. The faint scent of garlic wafted from the Italian restaurant a few doors down. Her stomach growled with hunger.

She hadn’t eaten dinner that night, but she’d grab a bite later with Ryder.

Right now, she had something else to do. Something that called to her more than the physical demands of her body.

With a blast of inhuman speed, she surged to the nearby subway entrance. She stopped to catch a breath and still the wild beating of her heart. A wave of weakness ripped across her body, reminding her that all was not right.

The superhuman healing and powers that had taken over her body after her injuries during the raid were slowly leaving her. Worse, even her everyday tasks seemed to take more of her energy than before.

She worried that soon she might not have the strength left for even the every day things and after that . . .

Diana drove that thought away and headed for the subway for the trip up to Spanish Harlem.

Ricardo may have told her that he couldn’t heal what she had, but she had never asked him just what that was.

She intended to do so that night.

22 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday – THE CALLING Fresh Blood and another winner!”

  1. Ahhh so nice to get to read more around my favourite Calling character – Diana. Thanx so much Caridad!!

  2. I have recently started to read your novels and have to say that i am completely hooked! These books are definately worth sinking your teeth into. 🙂

  3. WOW!! I love it! I can not get enough vamps and when you throw in a little bit..or a lotta bit of HOT that makes it all the better 🙂

  4. Hi Caridad,

    Even though it said Spoiler Alert I still had to read it LoL sounds like another great read by you 🙂 Look forward to reading this one as well.

    Love that cover for The Complete Calling Collection looks sexy.

    Ooo I love free reads 🙂 Going to go and check it out.

    Congratulations Lisa R YaY!


  5. I know I’d enjoy the FRESH BLOOD, Caridad, but it would be a spoiler for me. That sounds a wee strange doesn’t it. lol!
    I love checking out DELETED BITS. It’s cool to see what hit the cutting room floor. And even if there are spoilers there I still wanna read them. I love to watch deleted scenes in DVDs too. And the making of…

  6. Great excerpt which is unique and fascinating. Love your blog and books. best wishes for your success.

  7. The excerpt is quite interesting although I am only just starting to move from my favourite historicals etc to something more challenging. Maybe I am just to old to change my ways ?

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