Thoughtful Thursday – Another winner

cold1.gifOnly some short thoughts today since I’m off in Milwaukee for some business. A really nice city Milwaukee, but way cold. Last time I was here it was -20. Today is supposed to be positively balmy at 40 degrees!

I love traveling and seeing all these different places. As a writer, it really helps to experience new people and places. Real life knowledge of the area, foods, language, etc. help to create realistic scenes for readers.

Will I set a book in Milwaukee soon? Maybe. But for sure I’ll be setting my next paranormal romantic suspense series in the Philadelphia and Jersey Shore areas. I’ve been busy visiting those locales to get info for the new books.

New books, you ask? Yep, some new books I’m working on and I’ll be spilling the beans about those soon!

And now . . . the drum roll again . . .drums_002.gif

The winner of Wednesday’s B’Day Blog is Jeanne, my Cat Lady! Congrats Jeanne! Please send me your postal address.

19 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – Another winner”

  1. Oh what a nice surprise. Thank you and everyone for their congrats.

    I love traveling and did a nice amount the first 15 years of my marriage and then we decided to have kids lol.

  2. Happy Birthday Caridad!!! I hope it was awesome! Congrats Jeanne, cross your fingers that I will be the next winner!

  3. Yep, it’s not only cold there but in Chicago too. We had a verible heat wave today, ladies, woooh into the 50’s! I’m doing the pugly dance here! Maybe spring is finally afoot?

  4. Congratulations to Jeanne!

    Have a good trip and enjoy those balmy
    temperatures! LOL. Houston temperature
    at this time: 74 degrees! At this rate
    we will not have a Spring! We will be
    going directly from Winter temps to

    Pat Cochran

  5. Caridad, I noticed the title in your previous blog – The Complete Calling Collection, is it available in paperback or just only ebook?

    On my side of the world the weather is starting to get a bit cooler in the evenings but mostly we enjoying warm sunny days (over 25 deg celcius max)

  6. Right now it has been in the 80s where I live, but I do miss the cold and snow some!
    I love reading so keep the stories coming!!! 🙂

  7. HI Caridad, do you do a lot of traveling book signings? I wish you were going to be at RAW this year in September!!

  8. Enjoy your trip. BTW, I love the Jersey Shore. I spent 10 days there 3 summers ago and had a wonderful vacation. Nothing compares to the beaches and the boardwalk there. Just love it.

  9. I admire the way you always find the time to post on your blog, no matter how busy you are! BTW, I LOVED the excerpt from yesterday. Three more of The Calling coming soon? So good.

    (PS Do you know what the Nocturne pitch session is that’s going on in April? And how does one go about pitching there? As a pre-pub paranormal writer, I’d be interested in finding out how that is suppose to work.) Thanks…

  10. I love to travel too, Caridad. Have a nice time in Milwaukee. Looking forward to hearing about the new books. You’re an auto-buy for me yaknow.

    CONGRATS, JEANNE!!!!!!!!!

  11. Traveling sure is fun! Especially to far-off countries.

    Can’t wait to hear more about your books! 🙂

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