Guilty Pleasures Monday – Someone to take the chill off and the last b’day blog winner!

It’s supposed to be spring, but here in the NY/NJ area, it’s still way too cold. However, the crocuses and daffodils are up and so I have to assume spring is really on the way, although it can’t come soon enough for me.

Because of the cold, I was thinking this morning, what would drive away my chill and so today’s Guilty Pleasure Monday is Josh Holloway from LOST. He would absolutely keep my warm on the coldest winter night. There’s something about that whole bad boy thing and his dimples which is totally hot.

So who would keep you warm on a cold winter night? Inquiring minds would like to know your all time favorite guilty pleasure.

Speaking of LOST, I’m a little upset now that we know who are the Oceanic Six. SPOILER ALERT- don’t keep on reading if you don’t want to know more.

Okay — so I’m so upset I lost two of my favorite guys in the real future world, Sawyer and Jin. What’s with that?

And finally, a little overdue, the last b’day blog winner is Earlene Gillespie! Please e-mail me with your postal address so I can send the prizes. As for all the other winners, I’ll be following up if I haven’t heard from you and also, sending out the prizes in the next week.

Thank you all for sharing my b’day week and visiting the blog!