Fun Friday – March Madness!

Marzo e pazzo! That’s what the Italians say — March is crazy!! They are so totally right. Besides the weather, there’s March Madness and it’s especially crazy at my house this year since Villanova made it into the tournament and is now in the Sweet Sixteen.

Nova will be playing tonight at 9:40 against Kansas and it’ll be a tough one. Kansas is the #1 seed and Nova is #12. #12 seeds are 0-13 in the tournament. Of course, you can never count out Nova’s spirit. Just look at their Cinderella upset over Georgetown in 1985. I’m hoping this will be another Cinderalla season.

So you know Nova is my alma mater and they recently featured me in their Alumni magazine. You can click here to see it and head over to Page 36 for the article! I was really honored to be chosen.

Here’s one last — GO CATS!!

But March is also crazy because it’s the end of Spring Training which means that next week, the baseball season starts!! Like every year, my family’s got high hopes for our METS. We even managed to get tickets for some of the last games at Shea Stadium which will be torn down this season and replaced by Citifield.

It’ll be sad to see Shea go. History was made there with the ’69 and ’85 Mets. With the Beatles performing there for some of their first U.S. concerts in the early 60s.

Despite that, I’m looking forward to the new Citifield which will have more amenities and which is being built to look like the old Ebbetts Field of the Brooklyn Dodgers. It’s a way of honoring that field and the team that left NYC. One day I’ll have my daughter post all about the Mets connections to the Brooklyn Bums.

For now — GO METS. GO CATS. Hope you all have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Fun Friday – March Madness!”

  1. I was really surprised when Pitt lost. I had expected them to go further since they had such a good time.

    Being an underdog person, I’m rooting for Davidson now. Go CATS! (Yep, they’re Wildcats as well)

  2. LOL! Some people say I’m a vampire and don’t sleep. I guess I’m just very effective when I get to work. Plus, I read really really really fast.

  3. VERY good article in the Villanova magazine. However, when do you have time to do other things – like eat, sleep…

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