Guilty Pleasures Monday – Alex Garcia from ARDOR CALLS

Alex Garcia, Miami DEA Agent from ARDOR CALLSSo sorry to be late with today’s Guilty Pleasures Monday, only it was quite a weekend! I was busy finishing up A SOLDIER’S SECRET CHILD which will be out from Silhouette Romantic Suspense very soon and getting to work on the proposal for the next book in THE CALLING series — VENGEANCE CALLS (#11 if we count the two novellas!)

Of course, doing the synopsis for that one got me thinking about the two that preceded it. You may remember that bad boy Blake will be the hero in #9 – FURY CALLS. Blake’s been in a number of books already, but had a sexy time with Stacia in DESIRE CALLS, which is still a free read at

Stacia is the heroine in #10 — ARDOR CALLS and as you can guess from her various appearances, it’s going to take quite a man to be able to stand up to her and reach her heart after the nearly two millenia that Stacia has been a vampire. The hero in ARDOR CALLS — Alex Garcia — is someone you’ve seen already in DEATH CALLS. He’s Diana ex-love and a Miami DEA Agent.

Alex is sexy and slightly exotic, much like Stacia. He’s also determined and passionate. So far, the sparks are flying in the draft I’ve done and I hope you’ll think so as well when I get the okay to post an excerpt. In the meantime, here’s my idea of what Alex might look like as he takes a dip in the South Beach waters. FYI — this novel in THE CALLING will be set in Miami and I hope you’ll enjoy the tropical change of pace.

Also, for those of you with the Kindle, Amazon has an amazing price on the entire CALLING Collection — 9.99!

4 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Alex Garcia from ARDOR CALLS”

  1. I love the ocean as well, LOL!

    I’m swamped this month! I’m headed to Baltimore to do a workshop and then to RT for the convention and have to finish that proposal. Luckily, I’ve been working on it in my head.

  2. Great photo – I’ve always loved the ocean!

    Busy, busy lady, but your upcoming books
    sound as though they will be great!

    Take care,

    Pat Cochran

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