Thoughtful Thursday – On Cover Models

NOW AND ALWAYS on the Cover of RT -- Courtesy of Romantic Times MagazineFor the past couple of years I’ve been headed to the RT Convention to meet booksellers, fellow writers and the amazing readers of romance.

Notice I didn’t mention the cover models. Much as I appreciate a good cover model (such as the one that appeared on my first book in 1999 and which also happened to grace the cover of RT), I sometimes worry whether putting so much focus on them loses sight of what’s between the covers. (Don’t worry, Gretchen, I will try to get that photo of Adrian Paul for you!).

I do like meeting the cover models as people though, since many of them are such wonderful down-to-earth guys.

And yes, I’m guilty of this fascination with six packs and firm buns since I love a good Guilty Pleasure as we all do on Monday mornings. But I know what I like even more — the story between the covers!

How do you feel about the cover models and our fascination with them? Do you ever buy a book just on the basis of the man on the cover?

I know that I certainly will pick up a book with a nice hunk on the cover, but not necessarily buy it after I read the jacket blurb. Of course, there are covers which don’t have nearly naked men on them and which catch my eye.

Here’s your chance to weigh in on the cover models! Love ’em, hate ’em, indifferent. Which are you?