Guilty Pleasure Monday – Adrian Paul . . . again

Adrian and me!Sorry to not have given you a Fun Friday, but I’ve been swamped with both legal and writing work!! Plus, I’m off to RT. Hey Gretchen, there’s that picture of me and Adrian (NOT!)(although I am probably that short compared to him!).

I will try to get a picture for you, but as I mentioned, they are charging for that meal so I’ll have to stalk the corridors, waiting for him. LOL!

On another note, since I am going to RT, look for me to be a roving reporter this week from the trenches of this amazing romance book convention. Hopefully I can provide you some comments from other romance writers, booksellers, readers, the parties, you name it! Also, I’ll be blogging on the RT site on Thursday as well as offering some workshops. I’ll try to get a link for you soon.

Have a great Monday and I’ll keep you posted on my wild times at the convention.

7 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure Monday – Adrian Paul . . . again”

  1. You know you could also have one of your vamps interview Duncan…..

    So Mr. McCloud, What really is the difference between the vampires and immortals – besides the blood that is…


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