Thoughtful Thursday – Earth Day

The future of the Earth is in our handsThere’s a Native American proverb that says that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but rather borrow it from our children.

With Earth day just having passed, it made me think not only about the environment today, but what steps we are taking for the future and how that will impact on things. I know the things that I try to do and maybe you can do them as well.

As a writer, I tend to use a lot of paper, but I’ve tried to cut back on that by doing more editing on my laptop and using both sides of the paper when I do have to print. Also, I try to do submissions electronically and if people ask me for reviews, I ask them to send their ARCs electronically. No sense losing a tree for a review.

Will I ever give up books in print for just e-books? I’m not sure I can do that since I love the feel of a book in my hands and there’s just too many e-book formats running around for me to plunk down major money on what might be the next Betamax or HD-DVD.

I recycle bottles and cans, although I’m a little worse at recycling the latter. The problem is that I usually drink soda out of cans in my office and I don’t have a separate recycle wastebasket there, so I plan on being better about that so that next Earth Day, I can say I took a positive step toward preserving the earth for my munchkin.

I drive green, meaning I try to watch my speed and not do jack rabbit starts or other things that unnecessarily eat up gas. My cars are relatively fuel efficient, but I’d definitely go to an American-made Hybrid if I could get the fuel in my area. Why American-made? Well, that’s a topic for a whole ‘nother discussion.

Why not hybrid now? Well, I noticed a Flex-Fuel SUV the other day while I was in Philly and thought, why not get one when I need a new car? Of course, I looked up where I could get Ethanol 85 in my area and the closest filling station was 45 miles away! So I’d waste fuel to get fuel and that makes absolutely no sense.

What else do I do? I try to shut off any lights I’m not using and chase after my husband and daughter who leave lights on all over the house. Also try to conserve water when I can, although it’s tough to cut back on that long morning shower that gets me going every day.

Finally, I love plants as you may have guessed from the shots of my garden last year! I plant trees and other things when I can and try to conserve those trees that I have in my yard. Plus, I’ve been active in trying to save/perserve our local wetlands, farm lands and a pond. Not an easy thing, but the combined efforts of many managed to preserve many acres of wetlands, a small hardwood forest and a pond. These efforts also helped raise money for a local horse ranch that conservationists are trying to keep in its natural state.

So, ask yourself what you can do while you’re borrowing this Earth from your children. Every little bit does help in keeping the Earth healthy so that our children and their children may enjoy it.

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  1. Thanks for the info on the fluorescents. There’s all kinds of rebates in our area if you do the exchange, but I’ve been delaying and will have to check up on this mercury thing you’ve mentioned.

  2. We recycle, probably not as much as we
    should, but we are trying to do our best!
    We actually started a change-over to
    fluorescent bulbs, but called a halt to
    that after seeing coverage on CNN about
    mercury in the bulbs and what you have to
    do if one breaks. We will need to do some
    further “investigating” before we decide
    what we will do in that area.

    Pat Cochran

  3. I wouldn’t worry too much about getting the E85 fuel. My friends at the USDA say it takes more energy to produce the corn that the fuel is made from than it saves in petroleum.

    I’m switching over my lights to flourescents as they burn out and we’re pretty good at recycling both at home and work as far as cans go. We collect the tabs for Ronald McDonald house and there is a recycle bin at work for the cans themselves.

    The girls in my critique group recycle their copies and print on both sides. I need to get better at that myself.

    We don’t water the lawn or garden (mostly that’s because the grass would grow and then Steve would just have to mow it.)

    Here in KC we’ve got a program to promote rain gardens. The idea is to collect rain water for use in gardens and to keep it out of the sewers. The goal is to have 10,000 rain gardens in the Kansas City Metro area. I’m not planning on participating since I don’t garden and I’d just end up growing mosquitos but I think it’s a teriffic program.

  4. Maybe they will be better. Just think of how much packaging is being saved through music downloads instead of all the plastic and paper in a traditional CD package!

  5. I love that quote. I totally agree with you on everything and have been doing my best to be “green.” I won’t give up my paperbacks but maybe the younger generation being so used to new technology will be fine with the ebooks.

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