Fashion Friday – Must Have Denim Jackets

We’ve been teased with a bit of spring weather in New York and like most office denizens, we can’t wait to head out once the weather gets nice. I work with my sis and one of our favorite places to go for a picnic lunch is the Tudor City Greens which are about two blocks from our office.

The Tudor City Greens are these beautiful little parks and playgrounds tucked one story above 42nd Street. Quiet and serene, they’re a great place to get away from the noisy bustle of Midtown Manhattan. Another little known fact, there’s a bridge across 42nd Street that joins the two Tudor City Greens parks and if you stand smack in the middle of that bridge, you can see the East River and Long Island on one side and to the west, the Palisades and New Jersey. As far as I know, it’s the only spot on Manhattan Island where you can see from one side of the island to the other.

Of course, what do you wear when that Spring tease of weather emerges and you need a jacket in the morning and night? After seeing all the women out on the streets of New York in the past few days, the answer to this fashion question is clear — a denim jacket!

So, today’s Fashion Friday is about denim jackets!

Now, I’m inherently frugal (translation cheap) and for me the best buys on denim are generally at Old Navy, especially toward the end of season when they are busy slashing prices. But even when they are not on sale, it’s tough to get a better deal.

Here’s what Old Navy is offering this season:

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The jacket on the left is your traditional slightly distressed denim jacket while the one on the right is Old Navy’s Plus Size version. Both are nice and fairly affordable so you can add them to your collection. Best thing is, get a classically-styled jacket and it only gets better with age as the denim fades and softens with wear (dare we say how sexy men look in a nicely aged denim jacket that hugs those broad shoulders and lean waists?)

You can pair a denim jacket with dress pants and a nice top for a slightly casual look or of course, with jeans and a simple top for a totally casual look. Just make sure the denim on the jacket doesn’t clash with the denim in the pants. The color and texture of the denim should be close.

You may also find sometimes that too much denim doesn’t work, making you look way too big. Depending on your body type, opt for a darker color to slim down problem areas and leave the denim for your better half.

Hope today’s Fashion Friday tip helped!

Have a great weekend.