Guilty Pleasure Monday – Jesse L. Martin

Image Courtesy of - LAW & ORDER Episode Photos - GOOD FAITH EpisodeSeems apropo to bring you Jesse L. Martin this Monday since last week was Martin’s final episode on the long-running Law & Order show. Always elegant and professional, Martin’s presence on the show helped soothe the loss of Jerry Orbach. Martin and Orbach were perfect together and both will be sorely missed.

As for whether Martin is hot . . . Well, I always thought he was a totally sexy man and so did many of my friends! There’s just something so silently sensual about his look and the way he moves . . .

Besides being a hottie, Martin is an accomplished actor who has been on numerous shows and was also one of the original cast members of the popular Broadway show RENT. He reprised his role in the recently released film version of that show.

Here’s a clip from that final show courtesy of the NBC website!