Thoughtful Thursday – On Politicians . . .

Clip courtesy of Microsoft Word Clip ArtPolitics. Lately it’s everywhere you go, unavoidable and unappealing.

Why unappealing? There’s an old joke about lawyers that sums up my feelings lately about politics and politicians and it goes like this:

Question: When do you know politicians are lying?
Answer: When their lips are moving.

Let me make it clear I’m not talking about any politician in general, but rather, the species as a whole and may I point out that there are probably lots of exceptions within the species. But for now . . .

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if our politicians gave us their real opinions, even if they knew they’d be unpopular? Or took a hard stand on something they believed in rather than looking at the polls to see what to do? Wouldn’t it be nice if they actually did something for a change instead of just trying to grandstand one another or win points for either party instead of working for the people?

What would I want them to do? Maybe finally start addressing the following problems which are tops on my list. Are they tops on your list?

  • 1. “It’s the economy, stupid!” People are hurting all over the country and you’re spending millions and millions on campaign ads! Imagine what good you could do if you spent that money elsewhere!
  • 2. Oil prices! 🙁 Don’t you think it’s time to tap U.S. oil reserves and develop new energy platforms?
  • 3. National Security. Stop dismantling the laws that were working and take action against companies and individuals who reveal secrets that are necessary for National security.
  • 4. Health Care. No need to say more on this one. We all get sick and want to get better.
  • 5. The Mortgage Crisis. When you decide what to do, just make sure you don’t take the money from those people who’ve been paying their mortgages regularly.
  • Some ideas to consider on this Thoughtful Thursday since we’ve still got a lot of campaigning to survive!

    0 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – On Politicians . . .”

    1. LOL! And talking and talking and talking . . .
      Yes, by election time, we will all be turning off the lights while the guest is sitting at the table talking and talking and talking . . .

    2. The items you listed would probably be on
      everyone’s “TOP TEN” list!! Honey and I
      both are troubled by the same problem:
      we are so tired of the election process!
      It seems as though it will never be over!
      It is started so early and, though we
      would never not vote, it certainly could
      turn down our interest in electing a new
      President! It’s like the guest who will not
      leave, you’re tired, but he keeps talking!

      Pat Cochran

    3. I agree! Isn’t it sad when we must vote for the person who will do the least harm to our country?

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